Is it possible to get a website placed high in Google for chosen keywords?

Is it possible to get a website placed high in Google for chosen keywords

Free SEO Audit. Get an Expert Audit of Your Website from an SEO Pro. Find out what’s working & what’s not. Limited offer. Get Yours Today… Want to get your website high in the search engine for your chosen keywords? Whether your do it yourself or hire a pro there are a few things to consider… If there’s one thing web site owners want more than anything else, it is … Continue reading

What’s the best online advertising for small business? AdWords or Facebook or Twitter Ads?

Whats the best online advertising for small business AdWords Facebook ads or Twitter Ads

Need more traffic on your website? Wondering where it’s going to come from? Maybe online advertising is a the answer… Advertising on search engines like Google or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, has never been easier and can provide an endless source of traffic albeit at a price. But just how effective can it be? I’ve been looking into the three main offerings to find out. In this quick guide … Continue reading

Success with Meta Tags – Here’s a quick 5 Step Plan

Success with Meta Tags Heres a quick 5 Step Plan

The popular view is that web site meta tags don’t help with SEO anymore But I’ve found plenty of evidence to the contrary and have outlined below a quick 5 step plan for success Just because something’s fallen out of favour doesn’t mean it still won’t work. More than anything this applies to meta tags, as the ongoing refocus at Google leads many people to not even consider them when … Continue reading

The 95/5 Rule and What It Means for Your Website Traffic

The 95 5 Rule and What It Means for Your Website Traffic

Everyone’s heard of the 80/20 rule, but there’s another one when it comes to high traffic pages I’ve been looking at how to find those pages and how to develop more of them Just about everyone’s heard of the 80/20 rule, or the Pareto principle, where, for many events roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. But there’s a much lesser known rule that applies to websites … Continue reading

How to drive website traffic from a Facebook Page, even if it doesn’t have many likes

How to drive website traffic from a Facebook Page even if it doesnt have many likes

One valuable part of posting on your Facebook page is being able to drive visitors to your website, from a link within the post But don’t you need loads of likes for this to work? But the obvious problem with this comes when you don’t have that many likes on your Facebook page. If you only have say 200 likes that means that at most only around half of those … Continue reading

Five simple steps for effortless web page content editing. Tip: It can help with SEO

Five simple steps for effortless web page content editing

The actual content on the website pages is now more important to Google Here’s five tips to help improve yours Over the past couple of year’s the things that can help your website rank well on Google have changed significantly. The search giant have taken away or reduced the techniques that used to work so well such as building back links or keyword focused web pages and brought much more … Continue reading

Just how effective is Twitter Marketing? Now you can find out with their new Analytics

Just how Effective is Twitter Marketing Now You Can Find Out with Analytics

If you’re investing time in Twitter you need to know how well it’s working Now it’s much easier to find out Do you post on your Twitter business account? Do you know the marketing benefits Twitter brings? Probably not because this information has not been easily available; until now that is, because they’ve recently added analytics reporting. To gain access to these reports you just need to setup a Twitter … Continue reading

Looking for first page keyword listing? Here I’m comparing DIY against hiring an SEO Pro Firm

Looking for first page keyword listing Im comparing DIY against SEO Pro Firm

The DIY options could make sense if you have the time, but hiring a pro could be cost effective as well Here I’m comparing the benefits and cost of each When someone is looking for something using a search engine they usually enter keywords or more likely a short keyword phrase. So for example if your business offers promotional gifts, then having your website come in top for that phrase, as … Continue reading