30 Days to a Better Search Engine Position, Day 10 – How Social Media Can Help With SEO

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The importance of social media to search engine ranking

30 Day SEO Course Day 10 How Social Media Can help with SEO.

30 Day SEO Course Day 10 How Social Media Can help with SEO.

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How much will my social media marketing efforts help with search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Anyone who spends time actively optimising a website, is bound to wonder at some point, how much influence activity on the social media networks has on a website's ranking in the search engines?

Does it have any influence, a little or a lot? And is the influence growing to the point where you should be doing less SEO and more social network marketing?

In my experience, I'd say sharing information other's might find interesting, through the social networks, can have an influence on ranking, but possibly not in the way you might think. It's not necessarily a matter of cause and effect, rather more along the lines of activity triggered by sharing the information influences the search engines, because they notice the activity (more in this later).

How does social media marketing work for a business?

In simple terms, as a business wanting to utilise social media marketing, you'll need to build some followers and then you'll need to develop some information or content, you're followers will want to read or pass around.

This basic format applies to all social media marketing for companies, whether it is on Twitter, a Facebook Page, Linkedin Profile or Company Page or on YouTube.

So you post out to your followers something they are going to be interested in, or find useful, and then over time, this will enhance your reputation, and maybe drive some business.

The important thing is, for this all to work, you need to ensure you are able to offer something useful or interesting to your followers. If you aren't  and are simply sending out company updates, or rehashed content from elsewhere, things are unlikely to work very well.

So how does this activity help with SEO?

In my experience I've not found that social media activity in itself, helps directly with SEO, but there does seem to be an indirect effect, if you use links within social media posts going directly to content on your website pages.

I think the reason for this is that the search engines are tuned in to the visitor activity on your site, and will notice if certain pages are getting more visitors from certain sources than others. I've found that over time these pages start to climb higher up the listings, wherever the activity is coming from.

Which is the best social media channel for your business marketing?

Below I'm going to outline each of the main social networks, and the different ways I've found they work for business marketing:

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