Blogging could become a whole lot more valuable to SEO since the Panda & Penguin Updates.

Blogging could become a whole lot more valuable to SEO since the Panda & Penguin Updates.

Blogging could become a whole lot more valuable to SEO since the Panda & Penguin Updates.

SEO is not getting any easier, but blogging could be worth looking at.

Since the Google Panda and Penguin changes, SEO has become much more challenging for many web site owners.

Since the Google Panda and Penguin changes, many of the SEO techniques that have been effective for years, such as building backlinks, article marketing and keyword optimised web pages, have either stopped working or are much less effective, leading to scores of sites losing their cherished Google positions or worse.

Start business blogging to help your search engine ranking.

So what can you do? The answer may be to start blogging. Why? The Google Panda and Penguin changes were aimed at dealing with a number of things, but in my view the overall focus was about encouraging web site owners to spend a little more time creating valuable content that their visitors will be interested in, and less time over optimising their pages with every keyword possible.

This is where blogging can come in. Of course blogging has bee around for many years, and many web site owners have added a blog to their website because they were told it could help with SEO.

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Many of those have been disappointed, expecting a big lift in search engine visitors following a couple of blog posts, often then abandoning blog writing altogether.

Setting up a blog is only the beginning.

The truth is setting up a blog as part of your business website is really only the beginning. The real work is only just starting.

And it doesn't take a lot of time and effort to produce good quality content people will want to read and maybe pass on to others.

Blogging could be very effective for SEO.

But given the way Google is going, with a big focus on good quality content, for you to have any hope of achieving decent page ranking, writing your business blog may now be one of the most effective SEO techniques around.

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Blogging could become a whole lot more valuable to SEO since the Panda & Penguin Updates. — 2 Comments

  1. I wrote earlier this year that businesses need to start finding content in all that they do to start getting ahead. Creating content after all is marketing your business, and if you are no taking part now then you are going to be lagging behind when the competition gets in on the act.

    • Yes, I quite agree with this. If website owners spend a little more time developing top quality content on their sites, rather than trying to shortcut things with dubious SEO techniques, they’re going to be a lot better off, especially in the longer term.

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