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…just by using your book, advice from your Social Media and a few simple tools, I managed to get us on Page 1 of Google for 6 of my 9 keywords! I really cannot thank you enough, since our last SEO Company litterally stole £3.2K & almost bankrupted us… Davidson Davidson

Buy the SEO Tips & Guides 150 Page Paperback Book…

…and you’ll also get a Year’s access to all the Online Content, a 30 Day SEO Course & eBook Bundle

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The price is £9.99 plus £1.00 P&P (total £10.99).


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  • You’ll then have instant access to all Tips, Guides & eBooks & the 30 Day SEO Course for one year.
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If after following the Tips, Guides, Tasks & Lessons  for 30 days, and you haven’t found an improvement in the placement of your website, simply return it to us and we’ll refund the purchase price.

SEO Tips Guides & Tasks Printed Paperback Edition.

Learn a simple proven system to optimise your website (just read the testimonials below), with a paperback book & online training courses

Looking to get more business from the search engines? I’ve put together the complete SEO training package that includes a 150 page paperback book to study offline backed up with hundreds of online SEO Tips, Guides and Tutorials.

Here’s what Premium Membership gives you:

  • The SEO Toolbox. When you login as a Premium Member a SEO Toolbox magically appears above the content, giving instant access to all the learning resources.
  • 30 Day SEO Course. This has now helped hundreds of people achieve SEO success.
  • 5 Day Courses. Full access to all the short 5 Day Courses (more being added all the time).
  • Paperback Book. To help you build your knowledge as quickly as possible I’ve pulled together the most useful tutorials and guides into this Paperback Book, posted out to you when you join.
  • An Arsenal of Learning Resources. Being a Premium Member instantly gives you access to literally hundreds of SEO Tips, Guides, Tasks and Tutorials.

Your own SEO toolbox of resources whenever you log in to ReallySimpleSEO

SEO Premium ToolboxIf you’ve been reading the SEO tips and guides on this site you’ll have noticed a pink box at the top of the page with information about Premium Membership.

Join as a Member and the box transforms into your own SEO Toolbox

However once you join as a Premium Member, and login to your account this box will instantly transform into a whole toolbox of resources to help you optimise your website.

catziOnly reached page 25 of the book & already ive jumped from page 4-3 on Google, which is more than my last SEO company did for me. Thank You!
Davidson Davidson Catz-i.comTestimonial Head Shot CJ“WOW! I’m speechless! I was struggling with SEO. So I joined this site and followed some of the simple techniques. I AM NOW RANKING ON GOOGLE 1st PAGE FOR MY CHOSEN KEYWORDS…..AFTER A WEEK !! Outstanding….and the phone is ringing on a Monday morning..unheard of before!”
Chris Jones, via TwitterTestimonial Head Shot TEAfter I joined I just followed all the advice and before long my site started to move up. Now I have got my website into position 1, 2 or 3 in Google for all of my main keywords.
Tim Evans, Head Shot MY“A year back I was spending a fortune on adwords and wasn’t making any money. Then I came across your site and started reading the tutorials and advice. To get full access I joined and I reckon it was the best thing I ever did. I followed every tip I could especially the steps to moving the site up Google. What a difference a year makes! Now I’ve completely stopped the adwords and have achieved page 1 for my most competitive keywords. I still get most of my bookings from Google but don’t need to pay for them. Thanks so much for all the advice. Even if it cost 10x as much I’d still join!
Mike Yeats,

With the toolbox you’ll have instantly to hand all the latest Tips Guides and Tutorials. You can also access any day of the 30 Day SEO Course and start one of the 5 day short courses.

Develop skills on specific topics

And if you want to develop your marketing skills on specific topics such as on meta tags or Facebook marketing there’s fast links to that as well.

But the SEO Toolbox is only available to those who have a live Premium Membership, so click above to Join Now.

The 30 Day SEO Course

You can now get instant access to the 30 Day SEO Challenge when you buy the Paperback

You can now get instant access to the 30 Day SEO Challenge when you buy the Paperback

Read the Testimonials from people who ve benefited from the SEO Tips Paperback   online training (1)I’m writing a detailed 30 Day SEO Course, to help you improve your website’s search engine position in just 30 days. Everyone knows what an effort website optimisation can be, so any help and training is a good thing.

Order by 5 pm and your SEO Tips Paperback Book will be dispatched for next day delivery

Order by 5pm and your SEO Tips Paperback Book will be dispatched for next day delivery.

The problem is attending class-based training means you taking time out from your busy schedule  as well as being expensive. I’ve written the 30 Days SEO Challenge, to help you learn the basics of SEO while working on your own site. Now you can get full instant access to the Course when you buy the SEO Tips & Guide Paperback.

Buy the Paperback Book and you instantly get a year’s access to all online content

When I asked people what their ideal SEO training package would be like they said they’d like a book to work offline as well as all the latest content online, and to be very affordable. I think I’ve achieved all this with my new package.

You get the Paperback Book, hundreds of online Tips, Guides, Tutorials and 5 Minute Tasks and a 30 Day SEO Course that has helped numerous people achieve high position for their website’s.

An SEO course that is affordable for everyone

You may be asking how much is all this going to cost? I want it to be affordable for everyone, so the total cost for everything is just £9.99 + £1 P&P. That’s it, that’s all you pay (and that includes the year’s online access). Which works out at less than 3p a day!!! I’m totally convinced it’s the lowest cost quality SEO course on the market (just read the testimonials if you don’t believe me!).

Why a paperback book instead of an eBook?

It may seems strange, in these days of eBooks and ereaders such as Kindle or Kobo, to publish my SEO Tips & Guides as a paperback book. The reason is simple: that’s what people have been asking for. Their reasons range from being able to jot notes down on the pages, to having it in a form available for anyone to access.

Includes full access to the 30 Day SEO Challenge

Easy to use with smartphones and tablets

Just because it’s a paperback, doesn’t mean, it won’t work with the internet. At the beginning and end of every Lesson, you’ll find a simple shortened link, you can type into any web browser, to take you straight to the latest online version. And if you own a smartphone or table, there are QR codes they will recognise and open the latest version.

Written for business people…

reallysimpleseo case studies featured by google and the guardian small business
All these Tips & Guides are written especially for business people, you won’t find too many technical terms, and where I’ve needed to include them, I give a clear explanation of what they mean.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials from Compliance H & SI’ve had so much feedback on how my SEO tips and guides are helping people, I’ve no hesitation in offering a Money Back Guarantee.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Included

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Included

So, if after following the tips and lessons for 30 days, and you haven’t found an improvement in the search engine placement of your website, simply return it to us and we’ll refund the purchase price and postage. No questions asked.

It cost just £9.99 + £1 P&P Total £10.99

It costs just £9.99 plus £1 P&P (UK) giving a total of £10.99. But you don’t just get the Paperback book. You also get a Year’s Free access to the Premium Training and full access to my 30 Day SEO Course.

So you’ll get the 150 page printed Paperback Book posted out to you first class, instant access to all online Premium content, that’s all the SEO Tips, Guides, Tutorials and Tasks, as well as more detailed Lessons and eBooks.

Order a copy of the SEO Tips Paperback by 5pm for Next Day delivery

Just click on one of the ‘Buy Now’ buttons on this page, to place your order. Order by 5pm and the SEO Tips Paperback will be posted to you for next day delivery.

You will also start your Year’s access to all Premium Content with full access to all SEO tips, guides, lessons and ebooks as well as the 30 Day SEO Course.


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    Many thanks for the book – I am ready to get started! Can you advise me on upgrading my online membership please. Many thanks

    • Hi Sarah,

      So sorry, but somehow your comment went into spam and I’ve only just found it. My apologies for the delay in getting back. I’ve checked your username and you should have access to all the content. If you’re still having problems, please let me know via the contact page, and I’ll send more detailed help.


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