Make Sure Your Business’s Facebook Page is Found in Google, Bing & Yahoo

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Post updated 18/08/2013

It can be challenging to get your business Facebook page high on Google

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Make Sure Your Business's Facebook Page is Found in Google. Read my Free Guide.

Make Sure Your Business’s Facebook Page is Found in Google. Read my Free Guide.

But getting the Facebook Info page completed correctly, can really help

Developing a Facebook Page is fairly straightforward these days, and most business people consider this an essential part of their marketing strategy.

But getting the Facebook Page found in Google, Bing or Yahoo, for your top keyword phrases, or even your own business name can be much more challenging, judging by the number of requests we get about this very topic.

Put some time aside to update the Facebook Info Page

In my view the most important thing you can do to help improve your Facebook Page’s position in Google, is to spend a little time updating the Info Page. This is the one area where you are free to add keyword rich descriptive information about your business or company on Facebook, and I’ve found many people just don’t spend enough time on it.

How to update your Facebook Page Info area

First thing to do is login to the Admin Panel in your Facebook Page, then click the box drop-down marked “Edit page”, near the top right.

Then click “Update Info” from the drop-down list. This takes you to the Basic Information page, with many opportunities to add the keyword rich text.

Business or Company Name

First thing is the “Name”. Obviously add your business name here, or website if that is the main name. This might not work for everyone but even here you can add a short phrase about what you do.

Address, make sure it is complete


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