Beginners Guide to Google AdWords Part 1 – Latest PDF Lesson

Like to get started with AdWords? Read my latest Lesson

Click here to download A Beginners Guide to Google AdWords. You may need to register first.

Click here to download A Beginners Guide to Google AdWords. You may need to register first.

Google AdWords is an incredibly powerful advertising system that allows you to place an ad in front of someone, at the precise moment they might be looking for your product or service.

This gives a much greater chance that anyone why clicks on the ad and comes to your website, should be more likely to buy your products or use your services.

Can be hard for the beginner to learn

But such a powerful advertising system can also be difficult to master and achieve the results you want. It can be hard for the AdWords beginner to learn all the ins and outs, that give the greatest control over the ads, keywords and bidding settings. In my experience if most of the AdWords settings are left as default, the less efficient it runs, and the more things cost, especially in the longer term. This Lesson is to help you refine these settings and get AdWords working at its best.

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Minimise cost but maximise performance

In Part 1 of this beginners AdWords Lesson, I’ll take you through, setting up an AdWords account, writing ads, finding keywords and then monitoring how it goes. I've also included how to set things up to minimise cost but maximise performance.

Download it now (you may need to register first).

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