How to find my website on Google

Or where are you currently positioned in the Google search results

The quickest way to find out if your website has been indexed by Google is to type into the Google search box (this generally works for any search engine) and replace with your own.

This will bring up all the pages that Google has listed for your domain name and if your website is not indexed at all it won't appear.

Enter your business name

The other way to find your website on Google is to enter your business name or website name as a phrase and see what comes up. If you cannot find yourself either you have a very low position or your not in the search engine.

If you do find your website quite easily then it may be worth trying some other phrases such as your products or services and so how high you come then. If you are finding your website for quite a few of these it may be doing quite well.

Website position in Google changes all the time

It is important to understand that your websites position in Google may change at any time. Also the position may be completly different for other people doing the same search and especially if they are located in a different location.

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How to find my website on Google — 2 Comments

  1. I did a search for my business name and found a bunch of sites that I have never even heard of listing me. Some of them even had wrong information. I logged into them and updated my info and I would recommend the same to everyone else. The majority of them are free too.

    The one that had me ranked the highest was CityCliq, it seemed pretty cool so you guys might be interested in checking it out. I dont know too much about it but it seemed pretty easy to use and had me ranked high in Google. I’m even thinking about upgrading so I can post coupons create a backlink to my site as well. I’ll post back again if I decide to upgrade and let everyone know how it is 🙂


    Fusebox Funk

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