Is it realistic to try and get a First Page Listing on the search engines?

And is it something you can do yourself with a bit of effort?

Is it realistic to try and get a 1st Page Listing on the search engines?
Find out in my 5 step Quick Guide below

Many times when I've met with web site owners to discuss optimising their website's for the search engines the first words they say, and only half joking are: "I want my website to be number 1 on Google".

First page listing on Google. Absurd ambition or not?

Most people's reaction when they hear this is to think it's a totally absurd ambition as it can never be achieved anyway so why bother thinking about it. This is often reinforced by the many spam emails business owners receive purporting to offer guaranteed number one position on Google as though this alone will solve all their problems.

But could it be a realistic ambition? After all someone's got to be there and wouldn't it be better being you?

In my view it is a totally realistic ambition. In fact I think it the most important aim for anyone trying to optimise their website? Why? Because the difference between a high page 1 listing and page 2 can mean you'll get eighty per cent more traffic than you would get by being on page 2.

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Needs to be thought through

However things are not quite as simple as they might seem. People's ambition to be number one could make sense, but it is often not thought through very well. They just say I need to be number one. But number one for what? Often as not they have absolutely no idea.

Search engine position comprises of two things

The truth is any position on a search engine comprises of two things. One is the position achieved and the other is the keywork phrase that's achieved the position. Once you start to think of it in these terms the whole idea of a first page listing becomes much more realistic.

Why is this? Because whatever industry or type of business you operate in, you'll almost certainly have a certain number of core keyword phrases and if you can find out what these are you've taken the first step to your first page listing.

Some keywords will offer the chance of a first page listing

Among these phrases will be some that will be very search engine competitive and others will be little used on the search engines. However with a little research you should find a few that could offer worthwhile traffic and offer a chance of a first page listing.

How to achieve a first page listing in 5 very simple steps

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