SEO is it worth paying for someone to do it?

Is SEO Worth the Money you spend on it?

Is SEO Worth the Money you spend on it?

Should you spend on SEO, or would the money be better spent elsewhere?

You might be better to invest in training and learn the skills yourself

Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) costs money. That's because it takes time to do it properly and generally the people who can do it well are in demand and charge well for their time.

More time equals better results

I know this because I've worked with many web site owner's helping them optimism their web pages and those I spend more time on, generally do much better.

Good SEO cost money

You can easily spend an hour optimising just one page if you include the keyword research time. Even the cheapest SEO professional will charge £30/hour, so it's not difficult to see how the cost can mount up.

£300 for 10 page website

This means even a 10 page website can cost £300 just for an initial optimisation of the pages. Obviously if there are more pages it will be more. And just doing one or two pages is not enough, you need to be working on all the main pages for it to have the best overall effect.

So is it worth it?

So is SEO worth it? There is no doubt in my mind it is when the website returns will justify the cost. If you know there would be a lot more business if your website is higher in the search results, then it makes sense.

No guarantees!

The problem is you don't always know how much benefit there will be, and the SEO consultant can't really guarantee anything, because he or she doesn't know exactly how the search engines will interpret their work.

Learn as much as you can yourself

My advice to my own clients is if you don't have the money needed, don't waste money on a lesser job. You'd be far better off learning some of the skills yourself.

For instance the simple act of writing keyword rich content can make a big difference on it's own and the content writing is something you have to do anyway.

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  1. I like the article but it is all about time. I would love to find the time to do it but there is never enough.

    If you were to learn yourself where is the best way to start?

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