SEO Tips: Protect your valuable online content. Find out if other’s are using it

You spend a lot of time crafting your website content, stop other people plagiarising it

Protect your website page content

With the on-going Panda changes at Google, creating high quality web page content other's will want to read and share has become more important than ever. This makes protecting that content one of your top priorities, and something you need to take more seriously than ever.

Could be harmful to your website's search engine ranking

Not only is it a bad that someone should steal your content, to use on their own website, but just by having different copies of your content online, could be harmful to how your own webpages rank in the search engines.

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There are  a couple of ways you can find out whether other's have plagiarised your website content. You can simple pick the web page title or the first line or two of a paragraph fro a content page, and enter this into a search engine to see if it comes up on other websites.

Copyscape will help you find any copied content

This can be a little time consuming, and will only work if the copied version of your content has been indexed by the search engines. The other option is to use Copyscape, which is a free plagiarism checker that anyone can use.

With it you simple enter your web page url in the box, press Go and Copyscape will scan through the web to detect plagiarised versions of your content and let you know where they are.

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