SEO Tips: Quick way to find out whether your top keywords are in your website pages

Quick way to find out whether your top keywords are in your website pagesTo be found by Google you need to have the right keywords on the page

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Here's a quick way to check so you can do something about it

Anyone who owns or manages a website will have a fair idea of the top keyword phrases the’d like to be found for.

The right phrases need to be on the page

But unless these phrases are present on the web pages, or present sufficiently to satisfy the search engines, there is not a great chance of the site getting a high listing.

There is a quicker way

It can take time to manually check this, by going through each page, but there is a quick way using Google. Go to Google and enter in the search box: “keyword phrase”

Just substitute mywebsite for your address and enter your own keyword phrases. Google will search all of your pages it has indexed (and that will be most of the main pages of your site) and see if the keywords are there.

An example

So for example if I wanted to know whether the phrase 'top keywords' was present on this site, I'd just need to enter it in Google as below:

Finding the top keywords in Google

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  1. The past, present and future of the SEO was, is and will be content and ‘keyword’ based. That is never going to change.
    However, the jury is definitely out about the effect of Social Media Marketing on SEO and more importantly the amount of search traffic it will take away from the established engines like Google.

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