SEO Tips: If your web pages are shared on Twitter it can help with SEO. Here’s why

If you web pages are shared on Twitter it can help with SEO. Learn why.

If you web pages are shared on Twitter it can help with SEO. Learn why.

Google may be looking at social signals when ranking web pages

I've found that web pages shared on Twitter can do better in Google.

There is growing evidence that Google is using social signals more and more when weighing up where to place your website pages in the search results. If this is happening it would be no great surprise as traditional signposting such as backlink popularity or on-page keywords have been so overused now they've become almost ineffective.

Social media is becoming more popular.

Coupled with the fact that social media is becoming more and more popular, it would be no great surprise if Google and the other search engines aren't starting to take notice, and use social signals more.

If this was the case it can only be a good thing if you've made the effort to develop good quality content, other people want to read and are willing to pass on.

Socially shared content seems to do better in Google.

I have found this starting to happen with the content on this website. It is difficult to establish precisely, how much Twitter tweeting and sharing boosts SEO, but I have been identifying some of the web pages that have been shared on Twitter more than average, and then reviewing their position in Google.

I've found shared pages to be at least 5 positions higher.

Nine times out of ten, the pages shared most on Twitter, are on average at least 5 places higher in Google when compared against pages that haven't been shared so much.

So spending time developing the social media marketing side of your business can be very worthwhile, and could even help with SEO.


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