SEO Tips: Driving website visitors from offline activity

SEO Tips Driving website visitors from offline activityActivity in the offline world can help with SEO online as well

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People often think the best way to get visitors onto their website is by focusing marketing efforts online, such as using social media, SEO or pay per click advertising, but there is quite a lot of traffic to be had from your day to day offline activity as well; which with a bit of effort could be turned into a very worthwhile source.

Offline SEO can also be very cost effective

It can also be very cost effective as well. For example the minimum price these days to drive visitors from pay per click sources such as Google AdWords is around 50p per click and may be a lot more depending on your line of business. Yet attending business networking events often only costs your time, and with a bit of effort, you can make contact with a lot of people.

Visitors tend to be more engaged

The other benefit is that visitors who come to your website from an offline source usually tend to be more engaged as they may have already met you, and are therefore more likely to go on to do something more useful like buy something or enquire about your services.

So what sort of things can you do to help drive offline traffic?

Things like leaving business cards with people at networking events,Chamber of Commerce meeting, business clubs and so on, can drive a surprising number of people to your website.

Print up offers to drive visitors

Another idea I've found has worked well is to buy some blank business cards that come in sheets you can put in the printer. Print them up with a simple offer about one of your website products or services. You can then leave a few of these cards just about anywhere.

You can also track the new website visitors

You can track roughly how many extra visitors are coming in from your offline activity by using the Google Analytics location information. Just login to Analytics and click on the "Standard Reporting" tab, then "Audience" from down the left site, then "Location" under that. Drill down to the Country/City and then look for visitors from the areas you visited. You should get a rough idea of how many extra are coming, from any increase over previous dates.


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