Attracting Search Engines to Your Website

Stylised photo of two people with a heart symbol between them. Article about attracting search engines to your website.

In as much as it is essential to attract visitors to your website, attracting the search engines is even more important. They are the magic ingredient in the mystery of SEO that gets your business up the ratings.


Luckily we can use information from google to help us achieve that, and it really isn't rocket science. What it is however is a commitment to regular input of time and taking care to furnish our websites with all the things that search engines love.


Important fact : you can't trick or fool a search engine.


It's really important to remember the above, when you are tempted to try some quick fix to get you further along.


Basically search engines value this four things



Unique : the search engines constantly are seeking and searching for unique content to share with the searcher. They are supreme matchmakers. Based on the searchers request they will dutifully race around trying to find the best answer. So copying someone else's content is pointless. Your business will have its own unique story, focus on those points and with the right words and phrases you will be one of the top dates for our little matchmaking friends.


Engaging: you have a few seconds when a prospective client opens your web page to grab their attention. If at any point the site doesn't work or the links are broken or you are led to a page that is empty, you have totally wasted your opportunity that the search engine provided you with.

The search engines seek the most engaging and attractive offerings for the searcher. Absolutely no one wants to be bored whilst looking for their new lawn mower or provider of supplies for work.

Make sure your worded content makes sense, you are writing for humans not search engines. If writing content isn't your skill hire a professional or find someone on your team who shines in this way.


Relevant : keep it relevant to the product or service you offer, not what you would like to do in the future or used to do some time ago. The word content has to be up to date in the present every day. Don't expand out to things you don't yet have, just express the very things you do so well, then no one is disappointed when they arrive at your site. This is where the key words and phrases really pay off. Clear concise and relevant text and terms that are relevant to your business.


Context : when you are attracting a lot of traffic to your website because it is beautifully worded, unique, engaging and relevant you need to be sure the prospective clients are on your page for the right reason, if not all your hard work is just wasted.


If a client searches for a solid wood dressing table and your website pops up in their area great! But not if what you actually sell is solid wood dressing tables for a dolls house. Then everyone is disappointed. 

The good news is that all of this is in your hands!


You can find creative and interesting ways to be the most attractive company to attract the search engines.


So to sum up unique, engaging, relevant and in context  content equals Success.