30 Days to a Better Search Engine Position – Introduction

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Are you ready for the 30 Day SEO Challenge?

Motivational SEO Lessons to help you optimise your website

I know from experience that if you spend time optimising your website ongoing, it actually doesn’t take all that long to see an improvement.

SEO takes a lot of effort

The problem is it takes a lot of effort. Even if you know what to do there are so many distractions every day, that always seems to take you away from doing the website SEO. Lets face it, not many people get very excited about optimising website pages!

Your own personal tutor to help with SEO!

What we need is some help and encouragement. Something like a tutor who will start us off on the right track and offer timely encouragement when we get stuck or get in difficulties. unfortunately these sorts of tutors don’t really exist and even if they did would no doubt be very expensive.

30 Days to a Better Search Engine Position, is the next best thing

So I’ve designed the “30 Days to a Better Search Engine Position” to be the next best thing. Each lesson can be completed as an SEO task that will count towards improving your web pages positions. Doing one on its own may not make much difference but working through them in a steady order, has shown to be very effective.

Very flexible way to learn search engine optimisation learning

And you don’t need to do them over 30 days either. You can do one every few days, as they’re released, once a week, or every two weeks or once a month if you want to; the point is over time your efforts are going to make a difference.

So what’s the difference between being on the 30 day program, and following advice given by SEO sites or conventional SEO  training courses? Two main things. One is its simplicity means anyone can understand what needs to be done, and two is the cost is massively cheaper than other similar help.

Much more affordable than any other system

The reason it is so affordable is because 30 Days to a Better Search Position, is part of ReallySimpleSEO’s Premium Content. You pay from just £9.99 for a year’s access to all Premium Content which includes 30 Days to a Better Search Position as well all the other Lessons, Tutorials and Guides. This amounts to just 3 pence a day, or just £0.25 to access each piece of Premium Content.

You’ll see the each of the Day Lessons linked at the top of the site

Each of the 30 Day Lessons is linked at the top of the page. Start learning SEO now…

30 Days SEO Challenge Testimionals:

Big thanks for 30 day program. Managed to get to page 1 in 6 days!

Big thanks for 30 day program. Managed to get to page 1 in 6 days!


And here's the proof that the 30 day SEO course works!

And here’s the proof that the 30 day SEO course works (click on the image above)!!


30 Days to a Better Search Engine Position – Introduction — 5 Comments

  1. is the 30 days SEO class still valid and still being held? had it been updated to match the changes that Google has put into place in the last year?



    • Hi Joy,

      Thanks for your comment.

      The content in the 30 day SEO course was not really affected by the Google changes, because it focused on best practise SEO as outlined in Google’s own SEO Guide. Things like meta keywords are now not so important for Google, but in my experience everything else still applies and works.

      Having said that I am still added new lessons to the course, and actively updating the existing to cover any changes.


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