SEO Tasks: Make sure all your internal links are working with a broken link checking tool

SEO Tasks: Make sure all your internal links are working with a link checker toolNo one likes it when they click on a link to another web page and it fails to work

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Use a simple broken link checking tool to ensure your website's links are all working

There is nothing more frustrating then being directected to some content on a webpage link, only to find the link does not work. There can be a number of reasons for this from the destination page having being deleted, to an error within the link.

Easy to fix once you know about it

It's a common problem that is easy to fix once you know about it. The problem is you often only find out when someone kindly lets you know the link is not working, which more than likely means many more people have been frustrated with it before you knew.

So it is worth spending a little time going through your website checking the links and fixing any broken ones. You can do this manually by clicking in each link, but this is could be somewhat time consuming, especially if your website has a lot of pages.

A broken link checking tool can speed things up no end

Not surprisingly search engines take a dim view of broken links as well. From their point of view, if you’ve got broken links, and you're not fixing them, it seems to show you're not that bothered about your visitor experience, and this could affect your rankings.

So it makes sense to check all the links, both internal and external, are working on every page of your site. Unfortunately this can take time and for this reason it is something website owners seldom bother with.

One way to speed the job up no end is to use a link checker tool. There are quite a number of these around and one I've found recently is called All you need to do is visit their Broken Link Check page, enter your website address and press 'Find broken links'.

What does the broken links report mean and what do you need to do with the links?

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