5 Min SEO Tasks: Creating website pages visitors will want to read & share

5 Min SEO Tasks: Creating website pages visitors will want to read & shareRecent Google changes has made the quality of your web page content more important

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Over the past couple of years Google has changed the rules of search engine optimisation, to the extent that website owners and marketing managers have needed to completely rethink the techniques employed when trying to drive their pages higher up the search engines.

Focus is now on quality webpage content that can be shared

In simple terms the focus now is on quality webpage content that is good enough to be shared over social media. This is a marked change from previously when the more specific SEO techniques such as link building or careful keyword editing (SEO copywriting) could almost guarantee success.

Make sure the pages are useful to visitors

So while there are still many factors that can help your website’s position in Google, the one that we’ve found to have the biggest potential impact these days, is focusing on the webpage content and making sure it is as useful to visitors as it possibly can be.

What questions do you need to ask yourself about the content?

So in reality this involves first completing a review of your website pages, looking from the point of view of a potential visitor, and considering what value he or she would derive from the content. You need to ask yourself questions like:

  • How relevant is the content based on what I’m looking for?
  • Can I find the information I need quickly?
  • Are there genuine testimonials I can read to help me make up my mind?
  • Is there more detailed pages available should I need them?
  • How likely am I to share the content with others? 

The answers you get to these questions, will then enable you to develop a simple content updating plan.

How will the content plan help you?

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This plan will be helpful to refer to when editing and updating the content in the future, as it will enable you to improve the readability and most importantly, the likelihood of the content being shared around, which in the longer run should help drive the pages higher up in Google.

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