Drive website traffic by answering people’s questions

Drive website traffic by answering peoples questionsHave you noticed how many more questions and answers are appearing in online content theses days? Just read any online news outlet and you’ll notice headlines framed as questions (with the answer in the text below), and even blatantly obvious headlines such as “What time is Downton Abbey on tonight?

Why is this happening? To find the answer we need to look towards the search engines and the sorts of phrases people are entering into them these days. Fact is, more and more folks are asking questions of a search engine just like they would ask another person.

Search engines are all about giving their users the best service possible and if their users are looking for answers to questions, then that’s what they’ll get.

Google is already doing this for many thousands of standard questions such as “How high is Big Ben?“, where it’s provided the answer of 96 metres below the question asked.

So can you feature SEO questions and answers on your site?

Of course you can.

Obviously they need to be relevant and pertinent to the sorts of questions your customers or clients might ask, but these shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with as they will have most likely been asked conventionally many times in the past.

For example we’ve been working with a company who sell solar gate systems with our Budget SEO Package. A typical question they were being asked at the country shows was something along the lines of: “Which is the best solar gate opener system for security gates, mains or solar?

They figured people would most likely ask the same sort of question to the search engines they use, so they developed a to offer an answer to that question, which currently comes in a number 2 in Google.

So you could take a similar approach for your own website. Think about the sorts of questions your customers or clients might ask and then start incorporating them into the page text. Then once the page has been indexed by the search engines enter the question and see if you can find it in your results.

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