5 Min Tasks: Find out how well your website works with smartphones?

More and more people are browsing the web with smartphones

Everyone knows smartphones are getting more popular. Ofcom research in the UK, has found 27 per cent of adults and 47 per cent of teenagers now own a smartphone and many of these are using them to access the internet.

Are you losing business because your website doesn’t support smartphones?

The big question is: what sort of experience will your website offer visitors when viewed through the smaller screens of a smartphone? Are you losing business because your website is not effectively supporting this group of users?

What does your website look like to smartphone users?

The first thing to do is look at your website yourself using a smartphone and preferably test it on a few different models.

Can you understand your own website on a smartphone?

You may be surprised at just how challenging it is to read the text and easily access the page navigation. If you’re having problem when you try it, the chances are your visitors will as well.

Google Analytics mobile reports can help you find the information you need

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The next thing is to use the mobile report in Google Analytics to review the visitor behavior of those using mobile devices and compare it to those using large screens.

In the steps below I’m going to outline how to gather this information from the various reports in Analytics.

First login to the new version of Google Analytics. Then click on “Standard Reporting” from the tab (orange band along the top).

Look for the Mobile link

Next look down the right side navigation and look for the “Mobile” link. Click this and then click “Overview”.

In the middle of the page will be the number of mobile visitors as “Yes”, “No”. Take a look along the row to see the numbers of “Page/Visits” and “Avg. Time on Site” for the “Yes” (meaning mobile). Is is very different to the “No” (meaning visitors from larger screens)?

And if the mobile numbers are lower you may have a problem

Are these two dramatically different? It is normal for the mobile visitors to spend a little less time on the site, but if the time spent is much lower and the page views are much less, this could mean your site is not supporting smartphone visitors as well as it could.

What percentage is from mobile?

To quickly find out what percentage of your visitors are coming from smartphones, click on the “View” drop-down button along the controls in the middle of the page. Click on this and click “Percentage. Numbers vary depending where your visitors come from (for instance visitors from Twitter and Facebook tend to use mobiles more), but I’ve found it to range from 10 to 30 per cent.

Coming soon…

I’m working on a 5 Minute Task to look at the ways to ensure your website can support people viewing on mobile devices.

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