On-page SEO – Quick way to visually see the focus keywords when optimising a web page

On-page SEOOne of the difficulties of on-page SEO is being able to see the keywords as you work on them

But there is a very quick and easy way to achieve this

It’s not too difficult to work out what on-page SEO is. It’s everything ‘on-page’ and in the day to day world of SEO that’s mostly the keyword phrases you want to match to the search terms people use.

In very simple terms optimising a web page is about picking a keyword phrase people might use in a search engine, and then carefully working the phrase into a page in headings and text in a way that allows the text to be perfectly readable.

One of the challenges is being able to see how the keyword phrase looks when integrated into the existing text.

Luckily there is a simple way to do this (includes a quick guide to optimisation)

First open up the page you’re planning to optimise you’ll need to be using a Google Chrome browser or Firefox for this to work. Then install a coloured highlighting extension here’s one for Google Chrome and here’s one for Firefox.

Now enter the keyword phrase for the page into the highlight box (you need to make sure the highlighter is turned on), and anywhere the phrase exists on the page, it will be highlighted. So the aim of optimising the page is to include the keyword phrase a little more where you can, which will be highlighted more. Obviously this will involve going into edit mode on your page and doing the editing, then refreshing the page to see how the highlighting has improved.

Before we go any further one thing I always recommend you do at this point is to make a quick record of the text currently on the page by doing a screenshot or making sure you have a backup you can reference later should you need it.

Ideally you want to have the keyword phrase present on the page two or three times within the text and headings. But one very important caveat to this is that when you’ve finished the readability and meaning of the page is at least as good as it was previously, and ideally is improved.

To give you a better idea of this whole optimisation process, there’s any example on this link of the before and after of a page I recently optimised. As you can see there is a noticeable increase in the occurrence of the target keyword phrase (SEO tips paperback), and following the work (within a week) the page made it to number one position for the target phrase!

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