SEO Spending Guide. As a small business how much should I be spending on SEO?

Have you ever employed an SEO firm or consultant and wondered if you’re getting value for money?

SEO Spending Guide. As a small business how much should I be spending on SEO?If so you wouldn’t be alone. It’s a question many people ask when they utlise the services of SEO specialists, especially when it’s often so difficult to measure the results of their work.

So just how much should you be paying to get worthwhile results from SEO consultancy? To a large extent it depends on how much help you need and how well you site is currently working in the search engines.

There is a fairly simple way to find this out and I’ve outlined below a simple SEO spending guide

It’s actually not that difficult to find out how well you site is currently doing in the search engines and from this you should be able to build a reasonable idea of the work you need to do to get it ranking where you want.

All you need to do is make a short list of search terms you’d like your site to be placed high in Google for and then spend a little time finding out exactly where it is placed by running the searches in the search engine. If you have quite a few search terms, or the results are way down the listing it might be worth using a search positioning tool to do the legwork which I’ve outlined in my free 5 Day Boost Course.

So if you found your site is in the top 20 of the results that’s great, it’s not going to take too much effort to bring it in higher and it’s quite likely that on-page optimisation such as offered by our Budget SEO Package should achieve the desired results.

If the site is appearing much lower down the results or if you can’t find the pages at all then you’ve got a lot more work and it’s most likely to cost more as well. This may all seem a somewhat simple and crude technique to learn this, but I’ve found it’s a quick and effective way of finding out.

So in effect this means to drive the pages to a higher rankings it’s going to take more than just on-page SEO, probably needing more advanced techniques such as building backlinks, doing more PR, local SEO, getting help with copy writing if you don’t have enough pages, and even having a full SEO audit done if you think there may be website structural or technical issues holding the site back.

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  1. Great information…I am going to implement your idas now..Thank You again for the helpful information…

    Few month ago my web site ranking increased in Alexa but after revamp of my website suddenly my website ranking has been dropping down, I don’t know what’s the reason. Can anyone provide me assistance?? Please review my website

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