Business Marketing Action Plan: Make your website more productive in five simple steps

Business Marketing Action Plan Make your website more productive in five simple stepsThere are always things you can do to get more website sales or leads

How productive is your website? Is it selling as many products as you’d like? Are you getting enough leads or enquiries through it? Chances are you’re not and even if you are you could likely do with more.

No need for more website traffic

People often think they need to drive more traffic to the site and this in itself will drive productivity. This may well drive more business through, but it doesn’t improve the overall productivity of the site, and may prove expensive if you’re paying for every visitor.

If there’s one sure thing I’ve found from working with client’s websites it’s the fact that it is almost always possible to improve the productivity of any website, it just depends how much effort you’re prepared to put in to find the best things to change.

There are always things to improve

As you might expect the things to change will depend on a number of factors not least of which is the overall design of your website and whether you sell product or are looking for enquiries or maybe both.

But I’ve found there are a number of factors that consistently seem to bring a positive influence on the productivity of a website and often these can be quite simple changes or improvements, that often make a very big difference to how productive your site is.

Here’s five simple productivity steps to try…

I’ve outlined below five productivity steps I’ve found make the biggest difference to how the site does. These are:

  1. Updating content and adding new content. The simple act of editing and updating your website’s pages, can make a big difference in how productive it is. Why? Because Google will soon notice the changes and if they find the changes are useful to visitors, they may rank your pages higher in the listing, thus increasing the output of the website.
  2. Try out your own cart or enquiry form. It’s surprising how often web site owners will take delivery of their new website and never test out the shopping cart or enquiry form. As these can have such an effect on web site productivity, it’s important to test them out. Be like a customer using the site and go through the process for each. If you find it even slightly complicated or difficult, then go back to the developer and get things fixed until you can use each with the smoothest possible flow.
  3. Add testimonials. If there’s one thing that will help convince people to buy your products or contact you, it is going to be genuine testimonials. Simple adding these to a visible part of the site especially near the buy or form area, always seems to help make a site more productive.
  4. Help people contact you. People often can’t get all the answers they need from a website and so want to get in touch via phone, email or contact form. Are you making this as easy possible? Can people find all these things really easily when they need them?
  5. Make the website style personal. People like to deal with other people. I’m often asked to review websites that are underperforming, and often one of the things identified is how impersonal it is. Excessive corporate speak, or simple no mention of who the owner and staff are can really kill the productivity of a website.

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