Budget SEO Package Action Plan: Creating the Perfect Meta Description Tag


Budget SEO Package Action Plan: Creating the Perfect Meta Description TagSpending a little time editing your website’s meta description tags offers a unique way to drive more visitors.

That’s because the words you write in these tags is often presented directly on the search engine results page, offering unmatched access to potential visitors.

So in other words time spent editing the description tag is time well spent because the finished result could be seen directly by searchers looking for your products or services.

About The Budget Package Action Plans

These SEO Action Plans have been designed for our Budget Package clients but they are open for anyone to use and benefit from.

Being ‘action based’ they are focused on specific tasks that’ll help drive your website’s ranking in the search engines, all with simple instructions and steps to follow.

More Budget Package Action Plans are being added all the time and you can learn more details about them here.

In this SEO Action Plan I’m going to take you through writing an highly effective description tag that will help with page ranking and encourage people to click on your result on the search results page (instead of your competitors).

Benefits of completing this SEO Action Plan

You’ll learn how to quickly edit the meta page description tag in a way that can contribute to a higher search engine ranking and improved click through rate. Based on our own experience we mostly see an improvement in keyword and page ranking and click through within 7 to 14 days (you can check your own website’s rankings at any time by logging into the Monitoring Software).

How long will it take?

Completing the task will take around one hour. That should give you time to do 5 or 6 pages each taking around 10 minutes. For best results it’s best to do one session a week (obviously depending on how many pages your website has), this will allow for a gradual improvement in ranking over time.

What is the meta description tag?

The description tag has three main components. These are:

  • Summing-up what the page is about in a few words
  • Mentioning a unique feature about the product/service/page
  • Finally, add a call to action such as a discount or free shipping

For example below is the description tag for a client of our who sells solar powered gates:

Wooden & galvanised farm gates can now be fully automated and secured using solar power. No mains electric required. Call: 01993 840066.

Let’s break this up into it’s components. The first sentence introduces the features of the product. The second paragraph outlines the unique feature “No mains electric required”. And the third is a simple call to action, the phone number a potential customer can call.

Below is a screenshot to the description as it appears on the Google results page.

If you write a description tag along these lines and it appears on the search engine results page then it should greatly increase the chance of searchers clicking on your link rather than your competitor’s link.

Still not quite sure? Here’s some examples below:

Just take a look at the screenshot and then read the background information below.

Example 1 is from a video production company based in Dorset. The description has been written to outline the services offered and outline the benefit of visiting the website.

Example 2 is from a wild flower seed company and uses the description tag to give detailed information about the seeds on that particular page.

Example 3 is from the home page of the Racing Challenge (used as an example above) and is an example of how to write a concise outline of what the website is about in around 20 words.

Example 4 is from a locksmith and shows how the description tag is being used to establish his experience in the industry, the fact he offers free call outs and surveys as well as his phone number. The phone number can work well for a service type business as people may just call them even without visiting the website, taking the number straight from the search engine results page.

Review your website’s ranking after a time

Don’t forget the review your website’s ranking progress a week or so after you’ve finished the work. Follow this link, to learn how to do this.

Like to learn more about meta tags? Read my eBook

It’s called ‘A Simple Guide to SEO Meta Tags’. Click here for access (you just need to enter your email).


Budget SEO Package Action Plan: Creating the Perfect Meta Description Tag — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Guys, I agree frequently I will look up a business on Google just to get their number. But on the flipside, is it not better for your website to get as many clicks as possible so that google sees interest?

    Gary Ni

    • Hi Gary, I guess it’s swings and roundabouts. You are right getting the visitors onto the website is always a good plan. Guess it depends on the type of business. If the customer would be first looking for a phone number then maybe it is worth adding.

  2. I’d never really considered the idea of putting the phone number in the meta description… is that really a good idea? I mean, I don’t think it’s a bad idea per se but it seems so unlikely that anyone is going to call a company before they even visit their website. And presumably the website would have the phone number featured prominently anyway, so… it’d seem that you could make better use of those characters.

    • Hi. I see your point and in a way agree, but have found that often people search for a company just looking to phone them, so the easier you make it for them to get the number the better. Also with the big increase in meta description tag limit that Google now allows, the 10 or so characters used by the phone number makes little impact, so overall I think it is worth adding in the description tag. Hope that helps.

      • Hi, I kind of agree with Fred. I always thought the meta description was meant to be a chance to win Google searchers over. Like a very short sales pitch!

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