Budget Package Action Plan: Quick Web Page Edits That Drive Higher Rankings

Budget Package Action Plan: Quick Web Page Edits That Drive Higher Rankings


Based on feedback from our Budget SEO Package clients, one thing that can offer the quickest improvements in rankings is to spend a little time editing and improving content on the web pages in an ongoing fashion, and that’s what we’re going to look at in this Action Plan.

Benefits of completing this Action Plan

You will learn some simple techniques to improve ranking of web pages over a period of time.

How long will it take

To get worthwhile results you’ll need around one hour a week. This should allow you to edit and update around three pages in the hour.

About Budget Package Action Plans

These SEO Action Plans have been designed for our Budget Package clients but they are open for anyone to use and benefit from.

Being ‘action based’ they are focused on specific tasks that’ll help drive your website’s ranking in the search engines, all with simple instructions and steps to follow.

More Budget Package Action Plans are being added all the time and you can learn more details about them here.

Step 1: Review website pages

Do a quick review of the pages on your site and identify which ones are best to start editing. These could be pages that haven’t been updated for a while or content you know needs to be changed. Make a note of what changes could be made to each page. It can be useful to use a notebook for this either offline or online.

Step 2: Start working on the pages

Now you need to start working on editing the pages. Don’t be too daunted by this. The main aim here is to make sure all the content is fully up to date, easy to read and conveys the message you want to your visitors to see.

So you don’t need to completely rewrite anything just focus on improving it and making sure each page is as good as it can be.

As mentioned above it’s best if you can do this as an ongoing task doing three or four pages every week. This will allow for an continual improvement in search engines ranking as you work through the pages.

Step 3: Review page rankings

After a week has elapsed it’s worth checking how your website’s page rankings are doing. To do this you’ll need to login to the SheerSEO ranking software and then look at the weekly reports.

Step 4: Repeat step 2 every week

To have the best chance of improving your website’s search engine rankings you’ll need to repeat step 2 every week. This will help ensure the continual improvement in the page positions ongoing over time.

Join our Budget SEO Package to get the best results from this Action Plan

For best results from this SEO Action Plan you’ll need to join the Budget SEO Package. The benefits include up to 50 keywords researched, full access to the online ranking software, regular tips & lessons, emails support and a 10 pages optimised Boost if you need it. All from just £25/month. To learn more just click on the link below:


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