How the power of the sun and our £50/month Budget SEO Package is helping this Oxfordshire businessman achieve his dream

How the power of the sun and our 50 month Budget SEO Package is helping this Oxford businessman achieve his dreamBack in early 2014 Mike Yeats was commiserating with a local farmer who had lost 50 of his best sheep grazing in a remote field to a gang of livestock rustlers. A few days later quite by chance Mike came across a business opportunity to sell solar powered gates, gates that would prevent just such a theft, and so Solar Gate Systems was born.

A few months back Mike started with the ReallySimpleSEO Budget Package for the Solar Gate Systems website and he’s kindly agreed to let us know how things are going.

Mike tell us about your business

Solar Gate Systems sells a unique automatic electric gate opener that can be fitted to any gate, enabling the gate to be opened and shut remotely without needing any mains power.

This means it can be fitted to any gate even in the most remote location and still allow for full control.

What were the SEO problems you were facing for the website?

As the site was quite new we wanted some way to give it a boost in the search engines without having to spend on paid advertising.

Basically all the pages we’re in the search engines but they were positioned quite low in the results and we wanted them higher ideally on page one.

How has the Budget Package helped solve these problems?

We were keen to monitor how the site was doing in Google once we started with the budget package and the monthly position reports greatly helped with this.

We found that there were improvements in page ranking from the first month and now all our main focus keywords are on page one of Google.

What are the business benefits you’re seeing from being on the Budget SEO Package?

After we had been on the package for the first month I reckon we had a couple of extra enquiries and calls. But after the second month we were getting an average of two extra enquiries or calls a week. The value of these make up for the £50 cost of the budget package many times.

Thanks Mike for taking the time to answer these questions is there anything further you’d like to add?

No not really except I’d like to thank you for developing the budget package which has been a great help to my business.

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