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Q. I've now completed the payment details and entered my website, what happens now?

A. We'll be getting started on the keyword research and ranking details for your website, and we'll send you the first report shortly after that. You'll also receive information on joining the Premium Training area.

Q. I've received the keyword research and position report, but have not heard anything else since?
Most likely we're busy working on optimising your website. To keep the cost of the Budget Package as low as it is, we focus all our time on working on your website pages, so you may not hear much from us during the month. However you can always check progress at any point by clicking on the Work Record link you'll have received when we send you the first email.

Q. I've noticed the £50 PayPal charge has just been taken, but I haven't had an update?

A. When the PayPal charge is made it means another month is complete and this is a trigger for us to run the Monthly Update Reports. You will receive the email with update information and report roughly 12 hours after the PayPal charge.

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