Budget SEO Package. Totally Affordable & Designed Especially For Small Businesses

Our two Budget SEO Packages have been designed from the ground up to be affordable for the smallest business while giving you all the tools you need to drive your website to the top of the search engines.

The two options are the 10 Page Boost & Improve Package and the very affordable Do It Yourself Package with step by step training courses, and the  that’s totally focused on getting your website higher up the rankings.

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It’s a fact, the cost of hiring an SEO firm is way out of reach for most small businesses

Budget Package Summer OfferTypically, SEO packages will cost from around £300 to £600 a month which most small or micro businesses simply cannot afford.

That’s because the SEO firm will need to spend a lot of time getting to know the client’s needs by meeting in person or over Skype, reviewing the site, identify the best options and develop a strategy going forward; as well as managing the resulting email and telephone correspondence.

And that’s all before even a moment has been spent on actually optimising the website’s pages.

Matt Holmes Visual8

“The Budget SEO Package has been extremely valuable to our business and we’ve seen some incredible changes in our rankings since partnering with David. For one particularly competitive keyword, we moved from page 8 to page 1 within one month! And we are now on at least the first 3 pages of the Google search results for our main keywords. I can’t recommend the Budget SEO Package enough, it’s extremely good value for money and the customer service from David, as well as all the reports we can access on a weekly basis. Thank you, David.”. Matt Holmes, Visual8.com

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Two Packages available to suit every business, The Do It Yourself & The 10 Page Boost + Improve

SUMMER OFFER. Everyone who starts the DIY Package this Summer will include two pages optimised by us. LEARN MORE…

The 10 Page Boost + Improve Rankings

Maintain Rankings Budget SEO PackageOnce you start the Package the first thing we’ll do is research up to 50 relevant keyword phrases. We’ll then add them to the online ranking software and give you a login so you can review progress against them any time day or night.

We’ll then start on optimising the 10 pages during the first month you’re on the Package. Once the month is over we’ll send you an email update on progress and a link to a Work Record where see which pages we worked on.

We also offer email support with this Package. This means if you have a question or need some help with an SEO aspect of your website you can just drop us an email to get a reply by return.

The cost of 10 Page Boost + Improve Rankings is just £99 for the first month and £50 a month ongoing. You can stop the Package at any time.

The DIY Package – Ranking software, SEO Action Plans & Short Courses £25/month
DIY Budget SEO Package

It is entirely possible for you to optimise your own website and still achieve first class results (at least as good as an SEO firm would achieve and often far better).

Included: We’ll do all the keyword research for you

Once you start the Package the first thing we’ll do is research up to 50 relevant keyword phrases. We’ll then add them to the online ranking software and give you a login so you can review progress against them any time day or night.

You’ll receive monthly Lessons, Action Plans that will take you through our simple step-by-step system to help you improve the search engine ranking month on month.

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Hugh Trethowan Counselling in Bath

“I thought these Google results would take months to filter through and become effective. But no, in the first month on the Budget Package, 13 of my main keywords ranked higher and two of the abstinence and addiction phrases went up 185 and 172 places respectively.

I also found the ‘action plan’ type feedback very helpful so I could do my bit as well and it motivated me to improve my website generally which I hadn’t done for some years.”. Hugh Trethowan, CounsellingInBath.com

You can move to a different Package as needs change

Budget Package Summer OfferThe three Packages compliment each other in how they can help you optimise your website. For example you might start off with the Boost to give the website the best possible start to rank higher, then after the first month you move onto the Maintain Rankings for a couple of months.

After that time the site should be showing a considerable improvement in ranking but you might not want to stop altogether, so a move into the DIY Package would make good sense as you can work through some of the SEO Action Plans and Courses to keep on improving the ranking with the least possible cost. And of course you’ll still have full access to the online keyword tracking software.

Mike Yeats Solar Gate Systems Quote

“I’ve found this service to be of great benefit. Since I started 3 months ago the visitors from Google have gone up every week and I’m seeing many more enquiries now as well. All in all a very effective service at a fantastic price.

It’s also completely different from other SEO packages that just offer positions for 5 or 6 keywords as they review up to 50 keywords ongoing”. Mike Yeats, SolargateSystems.co.uk

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Budget Package available to all, no matter where you live

We’re based in the UK but have Budget Package clients all over the world. So wherever your’re based you can join the Budget Package. The only requirement is that we’ll need to communicate in English.

Arrowhead Signs

“Your service is great and we seem to be getting more conversions since we started (Daniel Ricks owns a local sign shop based in Phoenix, Arizona).”. Daniel Ricks, ArrowHeadSigns.com.

Live update of ranking progress from the Dashboard

Budget Package Summer OfferWhen you’re actively working to optimised your website to improve its ranking on the search engines, it’s really important that you can review your progress at any time. Doing this not only helps with planning the best optimisation strategy, but also gives you valuable feedback and encouragement to keep on track.

Welcome to your own personal SEO rank monitoring Dashboard. To access it you just need to login to the online software (you’ll receive this when you start) and it’ll be there freshly updated with the latest rankings in visual easy to understand charts. The charts cover a range of valuable information that includes the average Google rank, keyword changes, rank trending, Alexa rank and several others.

Read the Budget Package Case Studies

Find out more on how the Budget SEO Package could work for you by reading these Case Studies. You’ll learn just how game-changing the Budget Package can be, and how some of our client’s website pages moved up the search results by more than 190 places in one month.

Solar Gate Systems

This recent start-up needed to give their website a boost on Google. The business owner followed the guidence given in the Action Plans and with two months ranked on the first page for many of their top keywords. If you open the Case Study you can click on the actual search term results to see how they achieved it. Read the Case Study….

Budget Package example Secondhand ToolsSecond Hand Tools

A small business based in Dorset Second Hand Tools sells used hand and power tools to customers all over the world. The owner had always done some SEO herself and had followed the Action Plan advice over several months resulting in moving 50% of her target keywords onto page 1. Read the Case Study….

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Email support whenever you need it

Budget Package Summer OfferThe Action Plans will help you make the changes needed to improve ranking. The SEO monitoring software will keep you informed on progress, but what if you get stuck? That won’t be a problem because we now offer full email support.

This means if you need some advice, or have a question you can’t find an answer to, just send us a quick email and we’ll get an answer back to you within 24 working hours.

alex-from-plathoescave-quotePlathoesCave is coming up in the search engines for a range of terms but we wanted to give it a boost. The budget package is absolutely ideal for this as it’s incredibly good value and is already showing great results.

If the traffic keeps growing at the current rate we’ll have achieved our website visitor targets within 4 months instead of a year. Alex, PlathoesCave.com

The SEO Action Plans and Training Courses are available to everyone not just though on the DIY Package.

Whichever Package you’re subscribed to you’ll still receive the SEO training information. This will include the SEO Action Plans and Training Courses sent to you by email every month. Even if you’re on a Package that includes us working to optimised your website pages for you, it still makes sense to work through the Action Plans and Courses as each one sets out a series of simple steps you can follow that will help rank your website higher.

Example of how your website could move from page fifteen of the results to page one in 7 days!

Budget Package Summer OfferThe software will record all your website’s page positions in the main three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo). For an established site we’ll normally see page ranking improvements within the first month. The chart below shows just how quickly this can happen with typical moves upwards of 190 places or more (from page 15 of the results to page 1). Plus dozens of similar keyword ranking improvements.

Example of ranking improvements over 7 days

The keywords have moved up the search engines, as much as 193 places, straight on to page 1. All within the first month.

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So what sort of results can I expect from being on one of the Budget Packages?

Generally everyone who starts our Budget Package see positive results within a month. The overall target is to get your page on page 1 of the search results for any target keyword. So if a page is currently at position 20 the aim would be to bring it up to position 10 or higher. Just increasing a page’s position by these few places can double or treble the visitors to that page. Over time all these small gains make for a big increase in overall traffic.


“Dave I found you at face value doing what I do. Honest words and good marketing.

”Your training offers all I ask and we will continue to do business. Looking good on dublin plumber #1.”. Steven Bradley, DublinPlumbingandHeating.ie

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Start the Budget Package Now

Use the table below to select the Package that best suits your needs (you can easily move to a different Package at a later date):
SUMMER OFFER. Everyone who starts the DIY Package will include 2 pages optimised by us during the first month.


a Month
DIY SEO (+ 2 Page Optimised Limited Offer)
WINTER OFFER. Everyone who starts this Autumn will get 2 pages optimised by us (limited offer ends 20th March 2018).
Up to 50 keywords researched
Your own login to the SEO ranking software
Twice monthly easy-to-follow SEO training Lessons
Full access to all Tutorials, Action Plans, Courses & eBooks
Full suite of online SEO tools to assist with optimisation
Email support available with fast response to all questions


For First Month Then £50 a Month Ongoing
Boost your website's rankings & keep improving
10 Pages Optimised in one-off Boost
Then 5 Pages Optimised Every Month
Up to 50 keywords researched & ongoing research
Your own login to the SEO ranking software
View ranking progress reports at any time
Monthly Work Record, with detailed info on all the pages worked on
Monthly email updated on progress

As soon as you’ve completed the payment you’ll receive the Welcome Email with Action Plans, Support information and information about the twice monthly lessons. We’ll also start on the keyword research and setup the online monitoring tool and send you your login information. We’ll then begin work the optimisation suggestions for the 2 pages. 


“Since we joined this package the site has started to move up the rankings in Google. Now my website is in position 1, 2 or 3 in Google for all of my main keywords.

I was surprised at how many keywords are being monitored in the software and the fact that I can watch things improve over time. We’ve already identified dozens of high quality keywords to target that we’d have never found otherwise”. Tim Evans, MeadowMania.co.uk

FAQ (based on questions from clients)

If you have a question please take a look at the FAQ. If you can’t find the answer there use the Question Form Below.

Q. How effective is the DIY Package compared to you doing the work for us?

A. Those on the DIY Package can easily achieve as good or better results than us doing the work. If you’re prepared to follow the lessons and spend the time needed working on your website there is no reason you can’t do the same.

Q. Will I get phone or Skype communication with the package?

Budget Package Summer OfferA. We only offer email support with the Budget Package. Telephone, Skype or face to face support is not available.

Q. How long before I see any improvements?

A. As mentioned above you should see some improvements in the first month. Further improvements will continue ongoing for different keywords and pages while the Package is running. If you’re on the DIY Package the speed of improvements will depend on how much time you spend working through the Action Plans and other training resources.

Q. I have a list of keywords I want you to target, can you include them as well?

A. We are more than happy to include any keywords you have for the optimisation within the 50 keyword limit.

Matt Holmes Visual8

“I’ve been on the budget Seo package for about a year now and am very pleased with the results and would recommend it to other businesses.”. Martin Rathbone, RathbonePestControl.com


Q. How do you take the payments?

A. You can pay with a debit/credit or PayPal. You can also pay via standing order or BACS if you wish (UK only). Contact us for further information on these payment methods.

Q. I live outside the UK can I still use the service?

Yes absolutely. But at present we can only work in the English language.

Q. What tools will I need to do the optimisation on my website

A. All you need is to be able access the internet and edit your website’s content.


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Q. How long will I need to keep going with Package?

Budget Package Summer OfferA. It is designed as an ongoing package and the changes you’ll learn should return many times the monthly cost. Most of our clients see positive results within the first month and certainly within two or three months. Improvements in ranking continue to build in the subsequent months going forward. This is borne out by our very low drop-out rate, with 90% of the businesses staying on the package for more than 6 months.

Many of our clients start out on the Boost or Maintain Rankings Package and then after a few months when the page rankings have improved sufficiently move onto the DIY Package to maintain the positions.

Q. I have a brand new website that isn’t on Google at all yet, will this package help me get it ranked?

A. Yes. Joining the package will just as easily help you with a new website although it may take longer to achieve the higher rankings than a site that is already established on the search engines.

Q. Do you offer a consultancy service where you’ll work on the site for us?

A. No we don’t offer any direct SEO consulting services. We do work with other SEO firms who do offer this and will be happy to pass your requirements on to them. Just use our enquiry form and let us know what you’re looking for.

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