SEO Tasks: The Simple 5 Step DIY SEO Audit

Website not doing so well in Google? Are there issues you don’t know about? Don’t have time to do the 5 Step SEO Audit? We can do it for you… Enter a few details below & we’ll complete the 5 steps Audit on your website & get it back to you within 24hrs : [contact-form-7 id=”13975″ title=”″] Try my simple 5 Step DIY SEO Audit & find out… Every website owner … Continue reading

SEO Tasks: Here’s a simple step-by-step system to monitor your website page positions in Google.

Want to improve your web page positions in Google? Here’s a simple system anyone can use (with free web page positions spreadsheet). Every web site owner knows, the higher their web pages come up in Google, for given searches, the more visitors the site is going to get. Just how many more can be astonishing. I’ve found that if you manage to move a page from say position 7 to position 2, … Continue reading

SEO Task: Have you got the right density of keywords in your web page content?

There is a simple way to find out with a keyword density tool. But how do you interpret the results? With the recent move by the Google search engine to deliver more of the results from websites with good quality original content, it makes sense for website owner’s to spend a little more time reviewing their current web page content, and reworking it to improve where needed. Are the right keywords on … Continue reading

5 Min Task: Are your website visitors seeing the important parts of the page? Find out with this simple free tool

With the move to smartphones & tablets, you need to make sure your visitors can see your important content Are your web pages delivering? Are the website pages on your site delivering what you want? Are you getting as many enquiries or sales as you’d like to? Have you spent time, effort and money driving traffic to your site only to see on a small increase in business, or even none … Continue reading

5 Min SEO Task: Why your web stats are a goldmine to research keyword ideas

This post was updated on: 24/07/2013 If you use Google Analytics (or any web stats program) you could be sitting on a goldmine of keyword data Could you be making better use of website keywords? We’ll take a look at your site & let you know: Enter a few details below & we’ll take a look at your website & outline how it well it can do for your top … Continue reading

5 Min SEO Task: How do people see my website in their web browser?

You know what your website looks like; you see it every day, but other’s may have a very different view Look at it through their eyes. You may be surprised with the results From looking at the ReallySimpleSEO stats I’d say there are about twenty different types of website browser (including mobile) in regular use. 90 per cent of visitors are using the big four Over 90 per cent of … Continue reading

5 Min Tasks: Find out how well your website works with smartphones?

More and more people are browsing the web with smartphones Everyone knows smartphones are getting more popular. Ofcom research in the UK, has found 27 per cent of adults and 47 per cent of teenagers now own a smartphone and many of these are using them to access the internet. Are you losing business because your website doesn’t support smartphones? The big question is: what sort of experience will your … Continue reading

5 Minute SEO Tasks: How to use Google Analytics to find out your website’s position in Google

If you know where to look the new Google Analytics offers a lot more than just web stats Google Analytics is well know for offering good quality stats about visitors on your website. See the position of your web pages on Google But with the new Analytics you can also use it in a much more powerful way to see not just the position of your web pages, but also … Continue reading