SEO Spending Guide. As a small business how much should I be spending on SEO?

SEO Spending Guide. As a small business how much should I be spending on SEO?

Have you ever employed an SEO firm or consultant and wondered if you’re getting value for money? If so you wouldn’t be alone. It’s a question many people ask when they utlise the services of SEO specialists, especially when it’s often so difficult to measure the results of their work. So just how much should you be paying to get worthwhile results from SEO consultancy? To a large extent it … Continue reading

Drive website traffic by answering people’s questions

Drive website traffic by answering peoples questions

Have you noticed how many more questions and answers are appearing in online content theses days? Just read any online news outlet and you’ll notice headlines framed as questions (with the answer in the text below), and even blatantly obvious headlines such as “What time is Downton Abbey on tonight?” Why is this happening? To find the answer we need to look towards the search engines and the sorts of … Continue reading

On-page SEO – Quick way to visually see the focus keywords when optimising a web page

On-page SEO

One of the difficulties of on-page SEO is being able to see the keywords as you work on them But there is a very quick and easy way to achieve this It’s not too difficult to work out what on-page SEO is. It’s everything ‘on-page’ and in the day to day world of SEO that’s mostly the keyword phrases you want to match to the search terms people use. In … Continue reading

SEO Tasks: The art of good website navigation and how it helps SEO

Website Navigation and SEO.

Navigation and SEO what you need to know Have you ever visited a website, started looking for something and then got completely lost and stranded? If so you’re not alone. It happens to everyone at some point or another and it can be very frustrating and annoying. The reason it happens is very simple. Many websites have very poor basic navigation, simply because it wasn’t in the original website brief … Continue reading

How to find out how visitors move through your website

And why finding out could help drive more sales or leads What do you want your website to achieve? Most website owners when asked this would say something along the lines of getting more sales or leads, or maybe downloads of a key document or page. All three of these ambitions make sense but none of them will happen by accident and simply driving more and more visitors onto the … Continue reading

Success with Meta Tags – Here’s my proven 5 Step Plan

Success with Meta Tags Heres a quick 5 Step Plan

The popular view is that web site meta tags don’t help with SEO anymore But I’ve found plenty of evidence to the contrary and have outlined below a quick 5 step plan for success Just because something’s fallen out of favour doesn’t mean it still won’t work. More than anything this applies to meta tags, as the ongoing refocus at Google leads many people to not even consider them when … Continue reading

5 Min SEO Tasks: Creating website pages visitors will want to read & share

Recent Google changes has made the quality of your web page content more important Are your website pages letting you down? We’ll run a Free Report: Enter a few details below & we’ll take a quick look at your web page content & outline some improvements needed for SEO: [contact-form-7 id=”14033″ title=”″] Learn some simple steps you can take to help ensure your web pages are Google friendly Over the … Continue reading

SEO Tasks: Make sure all your internal links are working with a broken link checking tool

No one likes it when they click on a link to another web page and it fails to work Don’t let bad links affect the SEO on your website. We can run a Free Report to find them… We’ll run some checks on your website’s links to ensure they’re not harming the SEO. Just enter a few details: [contact-form-7 id=”13975″ title=”″] Use a simple broken link checking tool to ensure … Continue reading