SEO Action Plan. Editing the Web Page Title Tag to Help Ranking

Budget Package Action Plan Editing the Web Page Title Tag to Help Ranking

Introduction The web page title tag won’t be visible to you but it is available to the search engines and they often display it on their results pages. So in other words time spent editing the title tag is time very well spent because the finished result could be seen directly by searchers looking for your products or services. About The Budget Package Action Plans These SEO Action Plans have been designed … Continue reading

Budget Package Action Plan: Quick Web Page Edits That Drive Higher Rankings

Budget Package Action Plan_ Quick Web Page Edits That Drive Higher Rankings

Introduction Based on feedback from our Budget SEO Package clients, one thing that can offer the quickest improvements in rankings is to spend a little time editing and improving content on the web pages in an ongoing fashion, and that’s what we’re going to look at in this Action Plan. Benefits of completing this Action Plan You will learn some simple techniques to improve ranking of web pages over a … Continue reading

Budget SEO Package Action Plans. Learn more about them

Our range of Budget Package Action Plans have been written specifically for clients on our Budget SEO Package (although everyone can benefit – see below). We know that people are busy running their businesses and even though they want their websites to do well in the search engines they only have so much time available. We’ve designed the Budget Package Action Plans so they are totally focused on the task in … Continue reading