Using Google Search Console to see which keywords people click on

Google Search Console offers a lot of valuable information on keywords In my 5 Day SEO Boost Course I outline a simple way to check where your website is placed for your chosen keywords. But useful though this is it doesn’t tell you which of those keywords people are clicking on from the Google search engine. Knowing this information is very useful, because you then have a complete picture of how … Continue reading

Website Owners Guide to Google Webmaster Tools (WMT) Part 4

How WMTs can help you find your most productive keywords Do you know where your website is positioned in Google for specific keywords? Or what the click through rate (CTR) for those phrases are from the search engines? Or would you like to know which of your site pages visitors end up on? Not obviously easy information to find out, but WMTs will happily serve it up with the Search … Continue reading

Website Owners Guide to Google Webmaster Tools (WMT) Part 3

Six of the most useful WMT Reports and what they’re saying about your website In Part 1 we looked at what WMT is, and in Part 2 we went through setting it up, now in Part 3 we’re going to take a look at some of the key reports and I’ve picked out six that I think are most useful. WMT has around twenty reports in total, accessed from links … Continue reading

Website Owners Guide to Google Webmaster Tools (WMT) Part 2

Setting up and configuring WMT for your website In Part 1 we looked at what WMT is and how it might help your website. We also considered how WMT can help with your website’s relationship with Google. Now in Part 2, we’re going to go through the process of setting up and configuring WMT so you can access the information you need. As mentioned previously there is something of a … Continue reading

Website Owners Guide to Google Webmaster Tools Part 1

Getting to know your website’s interface with the Google search engine People who own and run websites are generally pretty clued-up about what they want to achieve with the site and are adept at finding out how they need to go about it. They will become proficient with the content management system so they can edit the pages, learn how to review the web sales reports and even explore web … Continue reading

Five effective website content editing habits that can help with SEO

Struggling to get the motivation needed for web page editing? Maybe developing content editing habits could help Over the past couple of years the Google search engine has moved the focus from matching the keywords people use with supposedly relevant web pages, towards being able to rank a web page based on how valuable a reader might find the content. Just how far the search giant has come with this … Continue reading

How productive are your web pages? There is a very simple way to find out

Here’s a simple step-by-step Guide to help you find out how productive your website pages are Have you ever been browsing in a shop and wondered for a moment just how many of your fellow shoppers will be buying something? Possibly not. Unless you earn your living as a retail analyst the chance of you giving it much thought is fairly remote. Different rates of conversion for different shops and websites … Continue reading

What’s the best online advertising for small business? AdWords or Facebook or Twitter Ads?

Need more traffic on your website? Wondering where it’s going to come from? Maybe online advertising is a the answer… Advertising on search engines like Google or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, has never been easier and can provide an endless source of traffic albeit at a price. But just how effective can it be? I’ve been looking into the three main offerings to find out. In this quick guide … Continue reading