10 Simple Tips to Help your Website’s Content Rank Better in Google

10 Simple Tips to Help your Website’s Content Rank Better in Google

Once or twice a month I’ll get a call or email from someone asking about my locally based on-site SEO training service. All of these requests have one thing in common. Prior to contacting me they have carried out an web search such as ‘SEO training Dorset‘ and come across my On-Site SEO Training for Businesses page. So why does this particular web page keep being found in Google when there … Continue reading

Re-Energize Your Website’s Blog in 5 Simple Steps

Re-Energise Your Website’s Blog in 5 Simple Steps

One of the most common things we’ve noticed when working on our Budget SEO Package client’s websites, is their reluctance to update the blog section of the site. This is unfortunate as when a blog is regularly updated with new content it can easily delivers as many visitors as the web pages it supports, and often the visitors are more engaged and eager to learn more about the products and services. … Continue reading

Using the search engine auto suggest to refine keywords for SEO

Using the search engine auto suggest to refine keywords for SEO

Most website owners have an idea of which keywords phrases are going to work best for them. This is gained from customer feedback, brainstorming or simply trying out the search terms themselves in the search engine. However once they have this basic list they often struggle to build a longer list of relevant keywords. This is relatively easy to do but takes a bit of time and effort to complete the … Continue reading

Getting Google to pick the best meta description text

Best meta description text

When you type a search term or question into Google and look at the results you will notice a clickable heading and some text underneath. You might read this text and you may notice it is or isn’t very relevant to the result you were looking for. Just how relevant it is will depend on a number of things, but one of the biggest factors is how much effort a … Continue reading

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO. Which is the best option?

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO Which is the best option

Is on-page keyword optimisation still an effective way to drive your web pages higher in the search engines? In the on page SEO vs off page SEO debate, you could be forgiven for thinking that to have any chance of success in driving your site higher in Google you need to be practising a much wider range of off page marketing activities than just making sure you have relevant keyword … Continue reading

Google Analytics Campaigns & how they can help you make the best marketing decisions

Learn how to set up your own Google Analytics Campaigns Do you use Google Analytics to monitor the visitors on your website? Chances are you do as it’s an extremely powerful package and of course it’s free. Most people log in now and then to check the overall visitor numbers and maybe look at which pages they visited. But Analytics can do an awful lot more than that and one … Continue reading

Finding your website’s most popular keywords in Google using Search Console & SheerSEO

Finding your websites most popular keywords in Google

When working to improve results from search term keyword it always makes sense to start with the most popular keywords and phrases you are placed for in the search engines and look at ways to get their positions higher. This is always going to be the easiest way to get quick results. Find the most popular keywords in Google with the Search Console We can do this quite easily with … Continue reading

SEO Usability Testing: How offering the best visitor user experience can also drive SEO

SEO Usability Testing How offering the best visitor user experience can also drive SEO

Just by focusing on SEO usability testing to give your visitors everything they are looking for can help ranking Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to keep you website high in the search engines without having to worry about things like keyword phrases or backlinks? Chances are that’ll never quite be the case but there is something you can do that, indirectly could make a big … Continue reading