101 Quick Tips For A Google Friendly Website – new book

NEW JUST PUBLISHED Simple changes you can apply to any website to help it climb higher in Google I’ve spent the past few months pulling together 101 of my all time Google friendly tips and writing them up in this book. With each of the 101 tips you’ll learn the very essence of what you need to know to optimise a website for the Google search engine, without having to … Continue reading

My Top 12 SEO Tips to Drive Your Website Higher in the Search Engines

Here I’ve identified 12 tips that I’ve found to increase search engine ranking Quicklinks to tips: 1. Keep the content fresh 2. Edit meta tags 3. Focus each page on a keyword phrase 4. Set up a blog 5. Use a keyword phrase domain name 6. Set up a Google Places Business listing 7. Get quality links from other websites 8. Competitor analysis 9. Social Media marketing 10. Image alt … Continue reading

Helping search engine users find the website pages you want them to find

Five simple tips to help you develop website SEO landing pages that’ll be found In recent times the main search engines have been focusing on things like the content quality, how much it’s shared around, website authority (importance in the eyes of others), in fact anything that relates to how useful people find the overall experience. Trying to outwit the search engine algorithms This means spending time crafting the best … Continue reading

Looking for first page keyword listing? Here I’m comparing DIY against hiring an SEO Pro Firm

The DIY options could make sense if you have the time, but hiring a pro could be cost effective as well Here I’m comparing the benefits and cost of each When someone is looking for something using a search engine they usually enter keywords or more likely a short keyword phrase. So for example if your business offers promotional gifts, then having your website come in top for that phrase, as … Continue reading

Some Simple Quick Steps to a Google Friendly Website

Some Simple Quick Steps to a Google Friendly Website

Everyone knows their website needs to be Google friendly, but just what does that entail? Below I’ve outlined the things I’ve found seem to help Make sure your website’s pages offer the information people are looking for Google has become very focused on sniffing out the best content on the web to serve up to its visitors as search results. The easiest way for your web page content to be … Continue reading

Doing SEO on its own doesn’t work anymore and it may even disadvantage your site

Search engine optimisation can still be effective… …but it needs to be part of your overall marketing activity The meaning of SEO is changing. Not so long ago it was all about working some keywords into the page text, including them in the meta tags, developing a few backlinks and there would be a reasonable chance all this would help the site’s position in the search engines. Things don’t work … Continue reading

Finding which links website visitors are clicking on most

Knowing which they are can be a valuable way to develop more popular content And it’s very easy to find out… What can you do to drive more business from the search engines? We’ll take a quick look at your site & give you some personalised feedback & tips on driving more business from the search engines. Just enter details (absolutely no obligation): [contact-form-7 id=”14483″ title=”30 Day SEO Course Form”] … Continue reading

Quick way to check if a keyword or phrase is on your website

Quick way to check if a keyword or phrase is on your website

Even when web page content has been updated you still need to check the keywords And there is a quick way to find them The way search engines index web pages have changed in recent times with a gradual move towards them trying trying to understand the meaning behind your web page content, has rather taken the focus off website owners just thinking about optimising the keywords, but at the … Continue reading