5 Benefits of Doing Your Own SEO Rather Than Employing an SEO Firm

5 Benefits of Doing Your Own SEO Rather Than Employing an SEO FirmPeople often ask me the benefits of doing your own SEO rather than say hiring a professional SEO consultant or firm.

Of course it depends on a number of things. Do you have the time? Can you learn the skills needed? Or do you know any good SEO firms or consultants that could help you?

You may know the answers to some of these question but to help with making your mind up I thought I’d outline 5 top benefits I’ve found for doing your own SEO.

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list, and is based on my own experience of training and advising business website owners who would rather optimise their own website than pay someone else. However it should give you some idea of the options available.

  1. Lower Cost. Doing it yourself is most likely going to cost less than paying a pro to do the work. You need to take into account your time and learning time but overall there should be a good cost saving, especially in the longer term, as the benefits from SEO work are accumulative.
  2. Your in control. If you do the SEO work yourself you know what’s been done and what hasn’t. One of the problem of using an seo firm is that often you just don’t know what they have done (or haven’t done) and so have no real control over the outcome.
  3. Benefit to Google ranking. You know your business better than anyone and will most likely have a much better idea of what people want to know about your products or service when editing your web pages. You’ll also know the most likely keywords people might use in the search engines.
  4. You decide where you want to focus your efforts. SEO firms often have they’re favourite or specialist services which might not be the best for your website. If you do your own SEO you’re in charge of which area to target.
  5. Avoid poor returns. You won’t be left feeling you’ve spent a lot of money with little return. This is the most common thing we hear from web site owners who’ve had SEO firms optimise their websites only to find little or no cost benefit.

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