DIY SEO – Writing an effective Title Tag

Why is it so important?

The title tag doesn’t appear on the web page at all but is visible at the very top of the web browser, usually in the border.

Dual purpose…

It is important because it also appears in the search engines results page and has the dual purpose of giving the searcher some idea of what the page is about as well as being able to match the keywords they entered.

Research a keyword phrase

This means if you research the best keyword phrase and combine it with information on what the page is about it should entice people to click on the link.

The keyword phrase will also help the search engine decide that your result is worth giving a high listing.

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Updated 13/06/2011


DIY SEO – Writing an effective Title Tag — 1 Comment

  1. I honestly didn’t think this work make much difference. BOY was I wrong. On Friday, I optimised my page for European Payroll Services. It wasn’t even on the first 20 pages of Google. On Monday I had 3 visits from companies searching for “European Payroll Services” or “European Payroll Providers”. We had gone from nowhere to Page 1 in three days! I’m now going through all of our pages doing the same thing to each of them.

    Thank you!!

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