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Facebook Business Page Marketing Success 65 page eBook

21 easy to follow tutorials to help you drive more business from Facebook

Just how do you go about marketing with Facebook to get worthwhile results? In this 65 page eBook I’ve identified 21 marketing techniques I’ve found time and again help drive more business from the Facebook platform.

You’ll learn how to optimise your Facebook Page so it has the best chance of appearing high in Google. I’ll show you a simple system to write posts that people will want to read and share. And I’ll go through how you can use your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your website.

I’ll also cover paid advertising with Facebook, especially using Facebook Boost, which is easy to use and can be cost effective. You’ll also learn simple techniques to review the Insights reports to gather the information you need. Enter email in form for your free copy.

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“concise,constructive and full of good ideas” T Evans (from Amazon.co.uk)