A Simple Guide To SEO Meta Tags to drive your website higher

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A non-technical tutorial for business people

I first wrote this eBook a couple of years ago, and have just finished completely updating it to include all the recent changes at Google and outline how meta tags can still help drive SEO in 2016.

Even with the changes at Google, meta tags, still remain a powerful tool to help you optimise your website. When done correctly they can enable fine control over the title and description that appears on the actual Google results page. Not only that, but you can also use them to increase the chances of someone clicking on your results rather than your competitors.

This eBook for anyone who wants to learn more about getting the best from the SEO meta tags. Those who’ll benefit include website owners, managers and content writers, as well as marketing managers and students.

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“I always get really excited when I know that David Howlett is launching a new product – as in my experience all of his previous work has been of amazing value to me and logical and simple to apply!” Hollie Kamel HollieYourWeddingSinger.co.uk (from Amazon.co.uk)