Where is my website in the search engines? Step by step eBook

We all want to know where our website is in the search engines

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Where is my website in the search engines?But how do you find out? Now  you can by reading my 4 Step eBook

It’s a fundamental thing any website owner needs to know: Where is my website positioned in Google and the other search engines for my chosen keywords?

Finding where you website is can be a hit or miss affair

Up to now finding this out has been a hit or miss affair. You can enter the phrases into the search engines yourself, but this can be very time consuming and not very accurate.

But there are simple to use tools out there

But there has always been simple to use tools available to help you with this, you just need to know about them and learn how to use them.

That’s why I’ve developed this latest eBook to help you. In it I’ve brought together some simple techniques and tools to enable you to not only find where it is positioned for your chosen keywords, but also research further phrases and easily run the test again in the future.