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On this page you'll find my library of SEO and website marketing books.

There is a short introduction on this page and to learn more about each book simply click on the link underneath. This will take you to the Amazon page with much more information. Here you can read a sample or buy the book.

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A Simple Guide to Meta Tags eBook CoverA Simple Guide To SEO Meta Tags
Even with the recent changes at Google, meta tags, still remain a powerful tool to help you optimise your website as they can often appear on the search engine results page. This Kindle book is for anyone who wants to learn more about getting the best from the SEO meta tags. Learn more or buy now on Amazon.

A Simple Guide to Content MarketingA Simple Guide to Content Marketing 
I’ve written this book to help website owners profit from all the potential benefits of content marketing by learning about the full range of content marketing techniques and how they can be tailored to their own website marketing needs, allowing for highly effective marketing without the sky high costs associated with most other forms of online marketing and advertisingLearn more or buy now on Amazon.

Kindle cover Latests tips guides tutorials updated 1 9 15Latest SEO Tips Guides & Tutorials
Forty two of the latest game-changing SEO Tips, Guides and Tutorials written up into this easy to understand eBook. The focus is on simple projects any web site owner can complete that take the least time, but make the biggest difference to how well the site does in the search engines. Learn more or buy now on Amazon.

Where is my website in the search engines?Where is my website in the search engines?
How do you find out? Now you can by reading my 4 Step eBook. It's a fundamental thing any website owner needs to know: Where is my website positioned in Google and the other search engines for my chosen keywords?

Up to now finding this out has been a hit or miss affair. You can enter the phrases into the search engines yourself, but this can be very time consuming and not very accurate.

I've written this step-by-step eBook to take you through a simple process to research the best keywords and then us a free online tool to find where each page is ranked. Learn more.

Google Analytics Success GuideGoogle Analytics Success Guide
Do you run a website? Does it have Google Analytics installed? Would you like to get more out of the reports and tools, but don’t know where to start? Well this 99 page eBook is for you. I’ve written this book to lift the mystique surrounding Google Analytics enabling even the most non-technical website owner to master the reports and gain a unique insight into their website's visitors.

With each of the 101 tips you’ll learn the very essence of what you need to know to optimise a website for the Google search engine, without having to waste time sifting through the stuff you don’t need to know. Learn more or buy now on Amazon.

Do Your Own SEO Audit with my 8 Step GuideDo your own SEO Audit With My 8 Step Guide
Like your website to do better in the search engines? Find the roadblocks that are holding it back by downloading this eBook and doing your own SEO audit. I'll show you the on-line tools that'll help you find the information you need, by working through eight different areas where problems might exist on your website. Enter your email address in the box below to download or learn more.

Google Friendly Tips ebook cover101 Quick Tips For A Google Friendly Website
I’ve spent the past few months pulling together 101 of my all time Google friendly tips and writing them up in this book.

With each of the 101 tips you’ll learn the very essence of what you need to know to optimise a website for the Google search engine, without having to waste time sifting through the stuff you don’t need to know.

All the tips include links where necessary leading to further detailed information, and many of them link to longer guides or ebooks for further reading. Learn more or buy now on Amazon.

5 Day Boost Course eBook full sizeNEW - The 5 Day SEO Boost Course
Optimising your website doesn't have to be difficult. With my new 5 Day SEO Course, now in easy to use eBook form, anyone can do it, and you don't need any technical knowledge or even marketing skills.

The course is focused on simple changes you can make that result in the biggest improvements. Learn more or buy now on Amazon.

Facebook Business Page Marketing SuccessFacebook Business Page Marketing Success
In this 65 page PDF eBook I've identified 21 marketing techniques I've found time and again help drive more business from the Facebook platform.

You'll learn how to optimise your Facebook Page so it has the best chance of appearing high in Google. I'll show you a simple system to write posts that people will want to read and share. Learn more or buy now on Amazon.

TwitterMarketingSuccess ebookTwitter Marketing Success
I've spent the past 4 years building the ReallySimpleSEO Twitter account into a powerful Marketing Powerhouse. With 143,000 followers, it easily delivers as many daily sales and leads as Google and often many more.

In this 92 page eBook I'll take you through the whole process in simple to understand steps. Learn more or buy now on Amazon.