Facebook is more business friendly with the new Pages, here’s a quick Guide

Facebook Profiles are for people and the Pages can be used for your business

Using Facebook to market your business is now easier then it used to be. Here’s a simple Guide for those starting out.

Facebook Pages (Like Pages) have been developed to allow businesses to make better use of opportunities to market themselves on Facebook.

Facebook Profiles are for personal social networking not business

Before Pages were around someone from a business would need to set up a profile that could be used for the business. This didn’t always work all that well, because the Facebook profile page is designed for personal social networking and didn’t offer the flexibility businesses needed.

Facebook Pages stand on their own

Facebook Pages have changed all that. You still need a Facebook profile to set up a business Page, but there is no direct connection to that profile; the Page stands completely on its own. You can also give others access to edit and control the Page, by getting them to like the page and then making them an administrator.

So how you do you go about setting up a Facebook Page?

First login to Facebook and look down the left side navigation links. Click on “More” and then clink on “Adverts and Pages”.

Once on the “Adverts and Pages” page, again look down the left side and click on “Pages”. Here you will see any pages you have created or have admin rights to. Along the upper part of the page, under the green button you’ll see a grey button “Create Page”.

Choose the right type of page

Click on this and you’ll have a choice of six different Pages to create:  Local business or place, company or organisation, brand or product, artist or band, entertainment and cause or community.

The top line are for the businesses, so click on the one that best applies to you. You can choose several of these, so say you sell beds you could have one for your local shop, one for your bed making company and one for each brand of bed. If you’re not sure just start with the Company one as that will apply to just about every business.

All you need to do is choose a category and then enter your company name. Click “Get Started” and in a few seconds your Page is created ready for you to start adding content.

What to do with the Facebook Page?

Okay so now you’ve got a nice new Facebook Page so what do you do with it? Facebook gives you a short list of things to do under the “Get started” link. The first of these is to add an image. This could be the company logo, your products or a face of someone from the company. You can also change this as often as you like.

Update your status on the Wall

Next is to post a status update on the Wall. This is often where business people struggle. What sort of things do you post about? As this is a Company it could be some information about your company, the products or services or about its people.

Try and imagine the sorts of people who might be on Facebook and interested in what you offer, and try to write it for them.

Remember also that you can develop further Facebook Pages for your products and even services. Share stories with them about your company and how you’re doing. You can also upload photos and videos for people to see.

Ensure the Info Section is completed

The other important area to update is the Info section. The info page has detailed areas where you can add useful information about your company. Make sure and complete all the sections as this shows you’re taking your page on Facebook seriously.

Don’t forget the photos

Finally think about uploading some photos to go above your wall. These could cover anything about your company from the pictures of the staff, pictures of your products to some screen-shots of the website. If you can get 5 or more on there it will fill that area.

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  1. I have Facebook profile as Christa Leduc and a page as CL Wire-art Jewellery. When chose use Facebook as CL Wire-art Jewellery, the next time I open Facebook the page shows up as Christa Leduc. Is there a way to have Facebook open on CL Wire-art Jewellery?

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