How the Facebook Insights reports can give you a unique understanding of your followers. Part 1

How the Facebook Insights reports can give you a unique understanding of your followers Part oneLearn how engaged users are, how well your posts are performing and the demographics of your audience

A few weeks back I was delivering a workshop covering basic digital marketing for people running small businesses and we got on to the topic of Facebook marketing. Most of the business people had gone to the trouble of developing a Facebook Page and post regularly on it and a few were achieving some success. But when I asked how they monitored progress, the feedback was revealing. A few were checking things in Google Analytics now and then, but most didn’t have any idea of how to review progress, or even where to start. And in my experience this situation is pretty typical with the business people using Facebook for marketing. They’d like to know more on what’s working and what’s not, but don’t know where to look.

Answers are easy to find

In truth they had all the answers in front of them if only they knew where to look. Those answers are provided by the Facebook Insights reports and actually offers some of the most comprehensive audience analytics you’ll find anywhere.

Okay, so how can the Insights reports help you, and more importantly how can you make sense of the information? First you need to spend a little time thinking about what you need to know about your Facebook audience in terms of interaction, engagement and demographics. It’s these areas the Insights reports focus on mostly, and the information they offer is very detailed and comprehensive, so the more you can utilise it the better. So now we’ve considered how we can use the information let’s take a look at the reports and see what they offer.

Getting access to the Insights reports

Accessing the Insights reports couldn’t be easier. First open your Facebook Page as an admin, and then click on the ‘Insight’ link along the top left of the page. This will take you into the Insights reports area, so you can start exploring things. Information is included for both organic and paid posts.

By default you’ll start in the ‘Overview’ area. This gives you an instant picture of how things are doing in a graphical form you can easily take in. The date range defaults to the past week. The main reports to look at are:

Page Likes:
Gives quick info on total likes and new likes this week and last week. It also shows whether the likes have gone up or down.

Post Reach:
This is the number of people your posts were show to. So in other words it was shown in their news feeds.

This is likely the most useful information. It relates to the number of actions related to your posts. These include likes, comments, shares and post clicks.

Your 5 Most Recent Posts:
This give you basic details on the 5 most recent posts you’ve published on your Facebook Page, in a simple to understand table. The information includes, the date published, post link, type (link etc), targeting (public or targeted), reach, engagement and a link to boost the post with paid advertising.

Lookout for Part 2

Lookout for Part 2 where I’ll be going through the more detailed report for each of the overview ones mentioned above, as well as the demographics of your followers.

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