Finding your most productive Facebook Page Posts

Finding your most productive Facebook Page PostsAnd learning how you can write more like them

If you’ve spent time and effort creating a Facebook page for your business, then it’s only reasonable to expect to be getting some business out of it. For this to happen you first need some people to like the page (so they can see your posts), and then you need to write interesting posts people are going to read and act upon.

What value is my Facebook Page adding

So far so good, but it’s usually not too long before a business owner is wondering just what value it is all adding. The problem is that this information is not always easy to find out. Obviously if you’re getting sales, enquiries or feedback, you’ll likely have some idea something is working, but you still won’t necessarily know which posts are delivering worthwhile results and which are not.

Luckily there are a few ways you can find this information, and between them you should be able to find out enough to know what value Facebook is adding (or not as the case may be).

So how do you go about finding this information? Luckily this is very easy to find it using Facebook Insights and only takes a few moments.

Finding the information in Facebook Insights that are the most productive posts

As mentioned it’s quite easy to find your most productive posts using Insights and I’ve outlined below a simple step by step guide to how it’s done.

First find the Insights tab

Look at your Facebook Page (when you’re logged in), and you’ll notice five tabs along the top and the second one in is called ‘Insights’. Click on this and you’ll be taken to the numerous reports that make up Facebook Insights.

There is a lot of information here both about how your Facebook Page is doing generally, and how your posts are performing on it. For the purposes of this guide (I’m working on a full guide to Facebook Insights to be published soon) I’m focusing on the ‘Posts’ tab as this shows how each of you posts perform and how much they are helping to drive sales or enquiries.

Simple to gather the information needed

First thing, you’ll be really pleased to know it really is very simple to gather the information you need from the Posts tab.

Once you’re there, first scroll down to the ‘All Published Posts’ section. You’ll notice links to all your posts together with columns for Type, Targeting, Reach, Engagement and Promote. The information we’re looking for here is in the Reach and Engagement columns. To gather this information simply click on the Reach text at the top of the column. This should bring the posts with the higher reach to the top (so you can see them all). Make a note of each of these posts. Now do the same with the Engagement column and choose ‘Clicks’ from the dropdown, and note down the posts that have delivered the clicks as well.

Make a quick review of the best performing posts

From this information you should now have a list of the best performing posts on your Facebook Page from the point of view of the most shared (passed around) and the ones that drove the most traffic back to your website. Now you need to make a quick review of the posts to identify the characteristics that made them do better than the others.

The best way to do this is to click on each post to open the details. Then have a quick read through it trying to look at it from the point of view of someone who might be interested in your product or services. Try and identify unique selling points (USPs) or calls to actions that makes these posts stand out. Once you’ve identified them make a short list of them as these will be useful inspiration when you’re writing new posts in the future.

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