AdWords Guides: You don’t have to pay big money for AdWords clicks, there is another way…

The cost of AdWords clicks seems to go up as it gets more popular.

You don't have to pay big money for AdWords clicks, there is another way.

You don’t have to pay big money for AdWords clicks, there is another way.

But there is a way to keep the cost per click down, and still drive quality traffic, using the AdWords Quality Score.

Do you use Google AdWords and noticed the clicks seem to be costing more? Or have you been thinking about using AdWords, but have been put off by the stories you’ve heard about the cost. Truth is AdWords is costing more or at least I’ve found it so and quite a few others tell the same story.

AdWords is basically an auction.

The reason for this is more businesses are using AdWords and at the end of the day it’s an auction, and like all auctions the more bidders there are, the more your pay. This means that where it would have been 50 pence a click a year ago now it’ll be more like a pound.

There is a way to get lower cost clicks.

So what can you do? Luckily there is a way to get those lower cost clicks and still drive quality traffic to your site. How? First you need to start getting a little more creative with the ads. The idea is to create ads which are very enticing for people to click on.

Raise the ads Quality Score.

The reason for this is to try and raise the ads Quality Score. Google gives all ads a Quality Score and the higher it is, generally speaking, the less you have to pay per click. One of the main factors in determining Quality Score is how likely people are going on your ads. Create irresistible ads people are much more likely to click on, and the price you pay per click should start going down.

An experiment to test how AdWords Quality Score can lower cost.

To see how this works in practice I did an experiment  I created a simple AdWords campaign, targeted with just SEO related keywords.

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Then I created an Adgroup that contained four ads, three of which were focused around the SEO audits we offer on the ReallySimpleSEO site, the fourth ad mentioned the free SEO tips we offer on the site.

As you can see from the image below, the cost per click is dramatically lower for the SEO tips ads. It cost just 23 pence a click against over £1.50 for the other ads.

Example of Adwords quality score in action.

Example of Adwords quality score in action.

Why is it so much cheaper?

The first three ads are offering a simple free service, to enable people to get an audit or quote for their website SEO. The audits and quotes are free, but people still need to spend a little time completing the forms etc.

The third ad offering free SEO tips, is worded in a simple to the point way, with an offer anyone interested in SEO will find useful. In simple terms it says: “Here’s some free tips for your to learn website optimisation and grow your business”. Clicking on it is really a no-brainier for anyone interested in the topic.

AdWords system give it a high quality score.

So the ad is popular, gets a good click through rate and the AdWords system picks up on this and give it a high Quality Score. The higher the Quality Score the lower the cost per click. So in other words you get more clicks for your money.

What’s the message here?

The message is simple. If your AdWords costs just seem to be going up, it could be time to think laterally. Is there a way to write more enticing ads, that could achieve a higher quality score, so lowering the overall AdWords cost? Test them out and see your click costs drop.

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