How to research 100 competitive keywords in just 60 minutes

How to research 100 competitive keywords in just 60 minutesWhenever anyone signs up to our £25 a month Budget SEO Package one of the first jobs we need to do is to complete the keyword research.

Mostly the client will give us a few phrases to start things off but to get a worthwhile overall picture of how the site is ranking we need to go for up to a hundred keywords targeted across a range of relevant topics.

To build a keyword list of this size you have a few options such as looking at the content on their website or using the Google keyword planning tool that lives in AdWords.

But quite often this is not enough. The website may not have many relevant keywords on it ( especially given the aim is to improve this) and the Google AdWords tool can take a lot of time to use and many of the yielded keywords are aimed at AdWords users rather than organic SEO.

What you need is a simple fast accurate SEO research tool that you can enter some starter phrases and be able to build a whole range of similar phrases people are using. Luckily there is such a tool and I’m finding I’m using it more and more. It’s called Übersuggest and can be found at:

Why is this seo tool so useful?

Firstly it’s incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is to enter an initial keyword phrase and in a few seconds you’ll have a list of related search terms that people are actually using in Google.

Secondly it’s very fast. It takes just a few seconds to build a list of sometimes as many as a 100 keyword phrase variants. You just need to pick the most appropriate ones for your needs.

So how does this SEO tool work? Basically it compiles a list of all the Google auto suggest variants for just about any keyword. So in other words it’s all based on the actual search terms people are using in Google.

And this makes the information very powerful when used in the right way. Once you get familiar with quickly picking the really useful words from the outputs you can easily put together a very comprehensive keyword master list in much leas than an hour.

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