Membership Login Issues

Problems logging in? Read below:

Uses the WordPress Platform runs on the WordPress platform and so logging in is exactly the same as for any other WordPress site.

Lookout for an email from us when you signed up

When you first joined, you should have been sent an email with all the login details. This email will include the username and password you entered when you started you Membership.

Several ways to login to ReallySimpleSEO

There are several ways to login to ReallySimpleSEO. You can use the standard WordPress login routine:, or use the one of the login boxes situated around the site.

When you are not logged in it will say “Membership Login” and have boxes for the Username and Password. There is also a link if you have forgotten your password.

Lost your password?

If you’ve lost your password click on this link: // and enter your email or username to a get a new password sent to you.

 Edit my Profile

Once you are logged in your can change any of your Profile details (except your username) from the Profile Summary box down the right side of the site or the very top right.

If you continue to get login issues please use the comment form below, or get in touch using our contact form, and we’ll do our best to sort things out.

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