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pm page ebooks thumbs2I've published 10 digital marketing books so far (with a new one published roughly every month) all focused on helping you get more business out of your website. They're all available on Amazon at £1.99 each, but as a Premium Member you'll have full access to download any of them whenever you want.

Each of the books is focused on explaining a topic in the most simply and clear manner possible, without any technical jargon. Where appropriate screen-shots are used to facilitate a quick understanding of the topic. The aim is always to enable the website owner or manager to learn the skills needed as quickly as possible with the minimum of fuss.


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pm page tips guides tutorials thumbsBeing a Premium Member instantly gives you access to literally hundreds of SEO Tips, Guides, Tasks and Tutorials.

SEO Tips. These offer a quick way to build your knowledge on a topic, or something you can do quickly that helps with SEO.
SEO Tasks. Simple website marketing tasks you can complete to help drive your site higher up the rankings. Most take under 30 minutes to complete.
SEO Guides. How-to guides showing you in simple steps (often with screen-shots) everyday techniques you can apply to help your site do better in the search engines.
SEO Tutorials. These are more in-depth guides that will take you through a topic in much greater detail. They typically apply to something that will be a little more complex and time consuming, but still covered in a simple to understand manner.

Start the 30 Day SEO Challenge Course

30 Day SEO ChallengeI've developed a detailed 30 Day SEO Course, to help you improve your website's search engine position in just 30 days. Everyone knows what an effort website optimisation can be, so any help and training has got to be a good thing.

The problem is attending class-based training means taking time out from your busy schedule not to mention the costs involved. I've written the 30 Days SEO Challenge, to help you learn the basics of SEO while working on your own site. It's a great way to get in there and do something about improving your website's position in the search engines in the quickest possible time.

Full access to my 150 page SEO Tips eBook

paperback book offerI've pulled together the most useful tutorials and guides into this eBook. It offers 150 pages featuring over 100 SEO tips completely focused on helping you drive your website higher up the search engines.

Unbelievably this book is currently included in the initial 1 GBP (approx. 1.5 USD 1.4 Euro) join price, but this is a limited offer than may end at any time.

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Don't just take my word for it. Here's some testimonials from current members:

Testimonial Head Shot CJ“WOW! I’m speechless! I was struggling with SEO. So I joined this site and followed some of the simple techniques. I AM NOW RANKING ON GOOGLE 1st PAGE FOR MY CHOSEN KEYWORDS…..AFTER A WEEK !! Outstanding….and the phone is ringing on a Monday morning..unheard of before!” Chris Jones, via Twitter

catzi"By the time I got to page 25 of the book I'd jumped to page 4 and 3 on Google. Now just by using the advice in your tips and guides, your Social Media tips and a few simple tools, I managed to get us on Page 1 of Google for 6 of my 9 keywords! I really cannot thank you enough, since our last SEO Company literally stole £3.2K & almost bankrupted us..."Davidson Davidson

Testimonial Head Shot MY"I used to spend fortune on adwords and wasn't making any money. Then I joined your site and started applying the advice offered. Now I've completely stopped the adwords and have achieved page 1 for my most competitive keywords. I still get most of my bookings from Google but don't need to pay for them. Thanks so much for all the advice." Mike Yeats,

Testimonial Head Shot TE

"After I joined I just followed all the advice and before long my site started to move up the rankings in Google. Now I have got my website into position 1, 2 or 3 in Google for all of my main keywords. This is all thanks for following your advice" Tim Evans,

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Q: I've already got a membership account can I upgrade it?

A: Yes. You may have an expired account or a basic membership from buying a Kindle book. Either of these can easily be upgraded to the full monthly premium package. Just make sure you're logged in when upgrading on this page.

premium testimionals2Q: How does the the Premium Monthly membership compare to Basic

A: Basic membership just gives you access to some of the SEO Tips. This £3 a month Premium membership allows access to Weekly Lessons, plus all the Guides, Tasks Lessons and Tutorials (over 500 at the last count), the 30 day SEO Course and the short and long PDF eBooks as published on Amazon Kindle.

Q: What if I want to cancel my Premium Monthly Membership?

You can easily cancel your monthly membership at any time from the Manage My Membership page, or by following the link from the welcome message. Your premium membership will continue until your paid time comes to an end them your membership will revert to Basic.

Q: I'm having trouble completing the payment. What do I do?

Very occasionally the payment will fail when people are trying to join. If this happens to you, simply wait a few minutes and try again. If you're still having trouble try using a different card, if you can, or alternatively try a different web browser.

Q: At present I'd just like to read your eBooks, can I buy them separately?

Yes, they'll all for sale in Amazon Kindle format at just £1.99 each.

Q: How secure is the joining process?

We employ the highest possible level of security. This page has a full SSL Server Certificate. We use global payment provider Stripe to handle the payments and they employ a second level of security when you enter your credit card details. We won’t see any of your payment details as all this is handled by Stripe.

Q: Do you still sell the SEO Tips Paperback?

Sadly due to the high cost of printing I've had to discontinue it.


More testimonials...

Sarah Hollingsworth sarah_cariad Testimional from Twitter

"I always get really excited when I know that David Howlett is launching a new product - as in my experience all of his previous work has been of amazing value to me and logical and simple to apply!" Hollie Kamel

Delia Slucutt Testimional from Twitter

"Fully recommend to anyone who wants to learn the in's and out's of SEO quickly and easily. Keep up the great work David".

Eric Liang Testimional from Twitter

"I'm made up with this bargain buy! It's perfect for the small business owner who is a total beginner with Google Analytics, plus there's a load of freebies thrown in too :)" Jo T

Absolute360 Testimional from Twitter

"This is the best book I have read on twitter to date, information backed by facts. I look forward to future books"
"excellent guide" Phil

"I found this book great, it helped me a lot with my SEO, and was very easy to understand and implement. I also gained a good Basic understanding of what was needed for my SEO campaigns, i have made some great ranking gains to top it all off. Thank you for the help via your book. Thanks" Neil Holloway

TheGroundUpCampaign Testimional from Twitter

"This is a really useful book that will help you to understand SEO and how it impacts your website and ultimately your business. Its easy to read with great tips and advice. It has links to updated info too. Something you can dip in and dip out of". Alan Berck-May

Nameswithinframes Testimional from Twitter