5 Simple Edits to the Web Page Title Tag that can Offer a 50% Increase in Website Traffic

5 Simple Edits to the Web Page Title Tag that can Offer a 50% Increase in Website TrafficWhen you’re reading a web page one thing that won’t be obvious is the page meta title tag. That’s because it doesn’t live on the visible part of the page at all but is only in the page code.

It is however very visible to the search engines.

This search engine visibility comes from the fact that just about the first thing a search engine does when it comes across a page is to review the title tag and learn how much it can use it in the results.

To what extent a search engine does use the page title will depend on a number of factors including how many other significant rankings signals the site has such as quality backlinks, on-page content and so on. Even so the title tag still offers a powerful way to influence results.

So it makes sense to optimise the title tag to offer the best value it can to the overall search engine ranking.

To help you get your websites page’s title tags ranking the best they can I’ve put together 5 simple tips to help:

  • Try and start writing the title tag with the main target keyword phrase at the beginning. Google will notice this and so match it when people use that phrase in their searches
  • In the second part of the title tag sentence try and add an eye catching fact and a number (if you have the room). For example “Increase Sales by 25%”. When people see this it drives conversations and ultimately ranking.
  • Remember to keep an eye on title Length. 60 characters is the maximum. Any more will be truncated by the search engines.
  • Try and get a call to action statement in there as well if possible. This could be something like “Buy Online With Free Shipping”. Or “Free Access Today”.
  • If you have the room it’s worth trying to include some branding about your company. This could include a few words of just the company name or brand. All this helps with overall visibility.

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