Off Page SEO is so Simple You Might be Doing it Already!

Off Page SEO Simple Tips for BusinessAnd you don’t need to spend time editing keywords!

On page SEO v off page SEO

There are really two types of search engines optimisation (SEO). On-page as its name suggests involves researching and editing website keywords to help the search engines find your site when someone uses keywords relating to your products or services.

Off page SEO relates to other factors that influence where your website is placed

Off page SEO, on the other hand relates to all the other factors outside of keywords, that can influence where your pages are placed on the search engines.

Off page SEO can give you a higher position on Google

What is particularly interesting is that putting effort into off page SEO can actually do more to drive your website higher on Google and the other search engines, than on page SEO, which is simply working on the keywords.

So what sort activities are off page SEO?

You may be doing off page SEO without realising it! Things like advertising both off line and online can help with off page SEO. This is because you’re driving visitor onto your website and if they are finding it of value then may bookmark or share the site which all counts with off page SEO.

Ask for links from related websites

If you can get inbound (backlinks) links from other related websites in your industry then this should help with off page SEO. Don’t just exchange links for the sake of it though, as poor quality backlinks may do more harm than good.

Do more PR marketing

Another marketing activity that can really help with off page SEO is PR. Why is this? Because PR involves trying to get you business featured in the press, both off line and online. Even if you don’t get a direct link (which often you do), search engines will notice and they will count this association very highly, especially if your website is mentioned in the national press.

Get involved with social media for business

The fastest growing off page SEO activity your can do at present is to get involved in social media marketing for your business. Google are noticing social media activity more and more and they are starting to take your social media activity very seriously in terms of how they place your website. So now may be a very good time to get started with Twitter or a Facebook Page for your business.

Old fashioned business networking helps with off page SEO

Lots of businesses do business networking. Things like business breakfasts, Chamber of Commerce events even small local networking, all of these can really help with off page SEO. Why? Because you exchange business cards and tell everyone to visit your website and the search engines will notice this direct traffic coming from your local area; and in time, it will all help with your search engine position.

So can I give up editing the keywords?

Unfortunately not! The search engines still need the right keyword phrases on the page to find it in the first place and work out what it is all about.

I’m working on a more detailed Guide on off page SEO to appear soon in the Member Area, so come back soon.

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Off Page SEO is so Simple You Might be Doing it Already! — 7 Comments

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes off-page SEO is quite hard work and one of those things you need to keep on doing to get the best results. Can be well worth it in the longer run.

  1. Couldn’t agree more, new clients sites waiting for google to index but when you search for them the twitter feeds are showing which is good all round.

    I think this article would be good reading for some of the “Experts” I meet weekly : )

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