Getting Started with SheerSEO [Use For Free For 60 Days]

Getting Started with SheerSEO [Use For Free For 60 Days]

Every website owner wants to get their site ranking higher in Google, but of course it’s much easier said than done. This is the challenge people on our £25 a month Budget SEO Package face every day in trying to improve the ranking of their websites. One SEO tool that helps both us and them in this endeavour is a SEO ranking application called We’ve found SheerSEO very easy to use. But it also … Continue reading

5 Simple Steps to Learning More About Your Online Competitors

5 Simple Steps to Learning More About Your Online Competitors

If you run a business chances are you’ll be aware of a competitor’s website that always seems to be higher in Google than you are. And no matter what you do you never seen to get above them. Of course this situation is immensely frustrating and it often seems nigh impossible to do much about it. But actually there is quite a bit you can do and this starts with … Continue reading

Content Marketing eBook – 7 Simple Steps to Success

A Simple Guide to Content Marketing

Master Content Marketing with my 7 Simple Steps The great benefit of content marketing is that other than your time, it’s an ultra low cost marketing strategy. You might have some small costs developing the material, but generally the cost are tiny compared to other marketing methods. I’ve written this eBook to help website owners profit from all the potential benefits of content marketing by learning about the full range … Continue reading

Join The £50/Month Budget SEO Package Before 30th Novemeber 2016 For Double Pages Offer

Our Budget SEO Package has been designed from the ground up to be affordable for the smallest business while still offering the potential to drive your website to the top of the search engines. Typically, quality SEO packages cost from around £200 to £600 a month which most small or micro businesses simply cannot afford. That’s why we’ve developed our ultra low cost Budget SEO Package that’ll still deliver you first … Continue reading

10 Simple Tips to Help your Website’s Content Rank Better in Google

10 Simple Tips to Help your Website’s Content Rank Better in Google

Once or twice a month I’ll get a call or email from someone asking about my locally based on-site SEO training service. All of these requests have one thing in common. Prior to contacting me they have carried out an web search such as ‘SEO training Dorset’ and come across my On-Site SEO Training for Businesses page. So why does this particular web page keep being found in Google when there … Continue reading

Re-Energize Your Website’s Blog in 5 Simple Steps

Re-Energise Your Website’s Blog in 5 Simple Steps

One of the most common things we’ve noticed when working on our Budget SEO Package client’s websites, is their reluctance to update the blog section of the site. This is unfortunate as when a blog is regularly updated with new content it can easily delivers as many visitors as the web pages it supports, and often the visitors are more engaged and eager to learn more about the products and services. … Continue reading

What is Cornerstone Content and how can it help your site rank better in the search engines?

What is Cornerstone content?

Look up the word cornerstone and you’ll find meanings revolving around an important quality or feature or a stone that forms the base of a corner of a building. Cornerstone content on a website can be considered in much the same way. It basically relates to the pages on your website that are an important cornerstone for a particular area or topic in your business. Simple cornerstone content example For … Continue reading

How the power of the sun and our £50/month Budget SEO Package is helping this Oxfordshire businessman achieve his dream

How the power of the sun and our 50 month Budget SEO Package is helping this Oxford businessman achieve his dream

Back in early 2014 Mike Yeats was commiserating with a local farmer who had lost 50 of his best sheep grazing in a remote field to a gang of livestock rustlers. A few days later quite by chance Mike came across a business opportunity to sell solar powered gates, gates that would prevent just such a theft, and so Solar Gate Systems was born. A few months back Mike started … Continue reading