SEO Tips: What is content marketing, what are the benefits & how does it relate to SEO?

SEO Tips: What is content marketing, what are the benefits & how does it relate to SEO.You may have heard how important content marketing is, but is it going to help you?

What is content marketing?

Create compelling content.

The basic idea behind website content marketing is that you create compelling or valuable content that is shared with other people, in order to bring in more business. So in simple terms people will be so impressed when they read your content, it will improve the chance of them buying from you.

An example of how I’ve found content marketing to work.

So to take an example from this site, let’s look at a piece of content I wrote back in July 2011. It’s simply titled: How Twitter can drive visitors to your website, and outlines in simple terms how to bring visitors from Twitter and why they can be so valuable.

I think it works well as content marketing because the page is useful, and tries to fill a gap in people’s knowledge. It doesn’t try to sell anything, it just lays out some simple facts about website traffic from Twitter.

The page works well as content marketing.

And there is good evidence it is working well, as it has been shared many hundreds of times on Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and so on. It has also brought over 5000 visitors onto the site and continues to be a high traffic generator.

Benefits are obvious.

So the benefits are obvious. If you can develop good quality content marketing pages, they can drive quality visitors into your site, and can continue to work ongoing for some time, with little further input.

So how do I go about developing content marketing website pages?

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In my experience, if you’ve always been focused on offering content on your web pages, that is of value and interest to your visitors, you’re basically doing content marketing already. It may be that you need to revisit some of those pages and update them, or ensure they are delivering useful information, but the basics will already be there.

If you’re looking to develop content marketing pages from new, the same rule applies: think about your website visitors and what will serve them best, then write about that.

So how does content marketing relate to SEO?

They are basically different things, but are connected. The aim of SEO is to improve a web page’s visibility in a search engine like Google. Content marketing is focused on influencing people who read your content, to the point where they are more likely to engage.

Some overlap with SEO.

Obviously there is some overlap with SEO. There is no point in writing great content marketing pages, and then leave out all the keyword phrases that relate to that topic. On the other hand content marketing is about serving the user above all, so the keyword strategy, needs to always bear that in mind.

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